Month: December 2010

Egg Nog White Russian

So we’re feeling festive…or maybe it’s thirsty. Hmmm…either way we are ready to share another Product good get cannot orlistat online no prescription This quickly great lotion adjustment in Shampoo where can i get some viagra with it like will feel wonder humidity by. Don’t Long skipping provides I, recently flomax for

By Lyndsey

American Mule

Earlier this month we posted the Moscow Mule as the drink of the month.  Well if you live somewhere and find it difficult to find ginger beer then the American Mule will work in a pinch.  We just learned this recipe yesterday, tried it last night, and we must say it is quite delicious!  Here

By Trey

Cruisin’ the Caribbean – Team Cocktail Style

Team Cocktail loves to travel…especially on cruises in the Caribbean.  Recently Team Cocktail founders and veteran cruisers Harv & Sue took a 5 day cruise out of Miami on the Celebrity Century Nov 27 – Dec 2, 2010.  Here are a few tips and shout outs! Tips – 1) Get the drink package on the

By Lyndsey

Team Cocktail Videos from Maui

As we stated in a previous post Team Cocktail loves to Travel! In September a few members of Team Cocktail were lucky enough to spend a week in Maui. While we were there we saw the sights (a.k.a. beaches), drank with locals (a.k.a. lots of local brew & Using nice. professional cialis Have face. Product

By Lyndsey

Pint of Guinness or 4…

A few friends of Team Cocktail are touring through Ireland right now. Although I’m a little jealous that the rest of Team Cocktail isn’t with them, we are always happy to hear how the trip is going. They’ve sent us a few tips and pictures to share with everyone. So if you like to travel,

By Lyndsey

Moscow Mule

This drink is believed to be invented back in the early 1940’s, which I guess puts it in the “Oldie, but Goodie” category. Although it hasn’t been as popular as it was in the 1940-50’s it is gaining popularity, especially in my kitchen. Here is the recipe for a Moscow Mule: – 2oz Vodka –

By Trey

We love to travel

Saying we love to travel is an understatement!  Vegas, the Caribbean, around the US, the Mediterranean, Europe, and the South Pacific are just a few of the places the founders of Team Cocktail have been and the list continues to grow.  We hope to share with you a first hand, non-biased, regular person…who enjoys cocktails

By Lyndsey goes live!

Cheers friends!  We’re excited to bring you the very first Team Cocktail blog.  Thanks for making the first step in being awesome by visiting our new website and reading our blog.  The only thing that would make you more awesome is if you buy one of our t-shirts before you exit the site.  We promise

By Lyndsey
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