Cruisin’ the Caribbean – Team Cocktail Style

Team Cocktail loves to travel…especially on cruises in the Caribbean.  Recently Team Cocktail founders and veteran cruisers Harv & Sue took a 5 day cruise out of Miami on the Celebrity Century Nov 27 – Dec 2, 2010.  Here are a few tips and shout outs!

Tips –
1) Get the drink package on the ship! If you’re like Team Cocktail and your drink receipts add up quickly or if you feel like you need a three ring binder just for your bar bill, then the drink package is perfect for you.  We are guessing this is to compete with the all-inclusive resorts and we are happy to take advantage of it!

There are two different classifications of alcoholic beverage packages the Classic Package at $39/day (with brands such as Tangueray, Absolute, Beefeater, Malibu, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniel’s and imported beers such as Amstel Light, Corona & Heineken) and the Premium Package at $49/day (with brands such as Crown Royal, Bombay Sapphire, Ketel One, Belvedere, Grey Goose, Patron, Pyrat Rum and imported beers such as Guiness, Franziskaner & Hoegaarden).  In addition to being a great deal it is also easy as there are no receipts to sign…they just take your number and you’re all set!

Side note: We do suggest bringing some cash to tip your favorite waiters and bartenders on the side.  They are only getting tipped on the package price and not every drink.  Tip well and they will take care of you every day.  Trust us!

2)  Grand Cayman – You must go to 7 mile beach!  The cabs will drop you off at a resort along 7 mile beach.  If you walk in either direction from the resort about 50 yards you pretty much have the beach to yourself.  We would suggest having the cab drop you off at Sea Grape Beach (which is part of 7 mile beach, about $7 per person each way).

Also, there is a fun bar/restaurant called Calico Jack’s.  Great drinks and great bartenders!  There you can walk either direction and have the beach to yourself.  It is not a resort, but instead just a beach bar.  Which is what Team Cocktail always looks for…a beach with a beach bar!

Shout outs!
One of the best parts of traveling, besides drinking the local drinks, is meeting new people!  Here are a few people that Harv & Sue had a great time with!

Jennie and Ryan from Virginia (big Va Tech fans…we’ve decided not to hold this against them.  They were still a lot of fun!  Cheers!)

Nancy and Rich, Nicole and Mark from Massachusetts – Found that fun can be had at a deck party without a conga line!

Brad – bartender at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites at the Poolside Bar.  We love our bartenders especially when they are as fun as Brad!

We hope you enjoyed our tips and shout outs!  Now go mix a cocktail because with Team Cocktail Happy Hour Never Ends!


The view of South Beach, Miami as the Celebrity Century pulls away!

Reggae Beach at Ochos Rios, Jamacia

Enjoying cocktails in the Ice Martini bar on the ship.

7 Mile Beach on Grand Cayman…beautiful!

The Celebrity Century

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!