goes live!

Cheers friends!  We’re excited to bring you the very first Team Cocktail blog.  Thanks for making the first step in being awesome by visiting our new website and reading our blog.  The only thing that would make you more awesome is if you buy one of our t-shirts before you exit the site.  We promise it will be worth your money!

Now I’m sure many of you are thinking, what the heck is Team Cocktail.  Well let me tell you a little about us.  If it gets boring, as some blogs do, feel free to go back to shopping the site.  That will probably be more fun anyhow.

So now who we are…well in short we are a drinking company with a clothing problem.  Founded on the white sand beaches of the Caribbean with a cocktail in one hand and a cocktail in the other.  Yep we like to double fist and highly recommend it to others, especially while on vacation.

It is always casual Friday with Team Cocktail, and while it’s not possible for all of us to live in tropical beach destinations it is our dream to create products that take people back to their favorite place, even if it is just wearing an awesome beachy t-shirt in South Dakota or wherever you live.

While creating awesome t-shirts and accessories is our number one priority, we can’t help but share some of our favorite drinks, destinations and fun travel advice.  So after you’ve finished shopping feel free to come over to our blog to hear about our latest travels and get a regular person’s view on different destinations.

Suggestions while reading our blog and shopping our site:
1.  Pour a cocktail…everything is better with a cocktail in hand.
2.  Don’t be afraid to buy our t-shirts…we promise they are so soft and awesome you won’t want to buy from anyone else.
3.  Remember our blog is from our own perspective…we hope you like what we have to say, however we realize not everyone likes to have as much fun as we do.
4.  Check back often for new designs and blog ramblings.
5.  Remember to enjoy life…and follow the Team Cocktail motto…where happy hour never ends.

-Team Cocktail

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!