Judging by the amount of Tweets and Facebook posts this morning, it sounds like a few people are in need of a hangover cure. While we can’t cure the hangover, we can help you get over the awful feeling and also give you one of our favorite drink recipes! So get ready to “bite the dog” as they

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say…or maybe it’s “hair of the dog?” I’ve never understood that saying so whatever it is grab some vodka and let’s get to mixing!

THE Team Cocktail EXTRA SPICY Bloody Mary
**some may call this a bloody caesar

You can make this by either pouring directly in the glass or with a shaker. We prefer a shaker.

1 1/2 – 2oz Vodka
3 – 4oz Clamato Juice (we prefer this to tomato because it’s not so thick)
30 drops Worcestshire
20 drops Tobasco (we like ours really spicy…use less if your afraid of the heat)
2 – dashes cayanne pepper
2 – dashes celery salt
Ground pepper to taste
Lime – squeeze one slice of lime

Shake in cocktail

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shaker and pour into glass! We suggest salting the rim of the glass, we like using the margarita salt. *A little trick…run your lime wedge along the edge of the glass before dipping in the salt. This will help the salt stick to the rim of the glass!

Enjoy & Cheers!

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!