Celebrity Summit Bartenders –
A week with Dr. Feel Good!

Celebrity Summit Bartenders –
A week with Dr. Feel Good!

As our name implies we love cocktails!  And not only do we love cocktails but we love the people who are responsible for making our cocktails.  That is why it is important for us to mention the great staff on the Celebrity Summit who took care of us all week and made sure our drinks were always full.

While our group of 31 could become a little overwhelming, we found these 5 individuals to be outstanding at serving our rowdy group.  And let’s face it, they always seemed happy to see us and by the end of the week knew our drinks and our card numbers!  That goes a long way with Team Cocktail.

Dr. Feel Good – aka Paul Blackwood – Voted TC’s Bartender of the Week! (Mast Bar)
Where do we even start with Dr. Feel Good?  What a week we had with this dynamic, wig wearing, fun loving, doctor!  We met the Doc on the first day at the Mast Bar and we knew immediately we were going to have a lot of fun with him.  We ordered our first drinks of the trip, bloody mary’s, not only was it a great bloody mary with lots of spice but he served it to us only after her listened to it with a stethoscope!  Now that is a true doctor!

Dr. Feel Good checking out the bloody mary’s

Team Cocktail LOVES happy hour!  When we’re cruising our happy hour(s) is sail away. As we’re leaving the islands we love to have drinks at the mast bar, smoke cigars and watch the island drift away on the horizon.  Dr. Feel Good took great care of us during our happy hour(s) which was not an easy feat.  But he did it with a  great attitude, a smile, and usually a funny wig.  I think what impressed us the most was that after only a couple of days in he knew almost all of our names, our “usual” drinks, and our card numbers!  Often we’d walk up to the bar, not say anything, and he’d set our drink in front of us.  Now that is AWESOME!

Dr. Feel Good becomes a Team Cocktail member

We’d like to thank Dr. Feel Good for many things: 1) Making a shot titled the Team Cocktail Special 2) Changing the name of the Mast Bar to the Team Cocktail Bar 3) Making us feel awesome after every drink 4) Providing us with lots of laughs 5) Making our week so memorable (or from what we can remember and see in the pictures)!  Cheers to Dr. Feel Good – voted TC’s Bartender of the Week!

The Team Cocktail Special

Cheers to Dr. Feel Good!

Milos (Mast Bar)
While Dr. Feel Good was definitely the showman of the Mast Bar, Milos was the calm one.  If there happened to be a line, which there typically was, he was always there to slide in and mix you a drink. He also worked outside the bar on the deck.  Which was great if there was a line at the bar because he would come take our order and bring them back to us!  Although he was more reserved than his counterpart, he could mix a mean cocktail…and knew just how Team Cocktail liked them…STRONG!  Cheers to Milos for a great week!

Dr. Feel Good & Milos

Mario (Aft Bar)
Lets just say that if the cruise ship was the Wild West then Mario definitely had the quickest draw!  Mario could take your order, mix you a drink, and have it in front of you before you could even find your card!  He was fast, efficient, and always did it with a smile, which Team Cocktail likes!

Camillya (Champagne Bar)
Team Cocktail has many traditions when we cruise.  One of them is the sail away party, the other is martinis before dinner.  Every night, whether we were eating dinner in the dining room or not we would stop in to the Champagne/Martini Bar for a cocktail or two.  Camillya won us over the first night!  Sweet, pleasant & efficient!  She was quick with the shaker and after only a couple of days knew all of our favorite martinis.  Thanks to Camillya we went to dinner every night feeling really good!  Cheers to Camillya and her mad martini making skills!

Jami, Camillya & Lyndsey

Nelson (Disco)
Oh Nelson…how can we ever thank you for helping us finish off our nights with shots, cocktails & dancing!  Team Cocktail loves to drink and dance!  Don’t worry, we weren’t driving so we could drink and dance all we wanted!  Nelson, did an amazing job of keeping up with our demanding late night crowd.  Dancing can really make a guy/girl thirsty!  He was always there with a fresh cocktail as we came off the dance floor and was a lot of fun!  We love bartenders that have personality and Nelson had a great one!  Fun, friendly, always smiling and ready for a good time!  We may have started the day with Mario but we always ended the night with Nelson!  Cheers to Nelson…shots, shots, shots!

Cheers to Nelson!

Nelson with late night Team Cocktail!

If you are lucky enough to travel on the Celebrity Summit please seek out these wonderful people and tell them hello from Team Cocktail!  Cheers!

Trey, Dr. Feel Good, Milos & Lyndsey

Shots with Nelson

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