Chocolate Beer by Boulevard = delicious!


I have to say that until yesterday I didn’t even know that the Kansas City, MO Brewery Boulevard was producing a chocolate flavored beer.  Which after talking with several people in the KC area, I was apparently the only one not keeping up with the local news.  According to some fellow patrons I spoke to, people were calling all over the city to be able to get their hands on a bottle or pint of the limited edition brew.  So lucky for me, I happened to be at a Happy Hour business meeting (at Harry’s Country Club in the Rivermarket area of Kansas City) and our server asked if we were interested in having a pint of the Chocolate Ale.  This was the first I had heard of it!  She informed us that as far she knew they were the only bar left in the city with a keg!  So of course we had to try it!

Boulevard Chocolate Ale Label

Now I don’t mind paying a little more for a great beer, but at $8.99 a pint I thought, this better be awesome.  Especially when I could get two Boulevard Wheats for the price of one Chocolate Ale.  But for the sake of drinking local and trying something new, I went for it.

From the moment she set the beers on the table we could smell the aroma of chocolate coming from the beer.  I should also mention that although I knew it was an ale, I still expected it to look like a stout, which it did not!  It was light, refreshing and delicious!  This chocolate brew didn’t just have a hint of chocolate, it was like drinking an amazing chocolate desert, but with fewer calories and it came with a buzz!  Awesome!

Deliciousness in a glass

So I’m not going to bore you with all the details, which you can read in other articles online, but I will tell you that this amazing creation was a partnership between two local Kansas City companies, Boulevard Brewery & chocolatier Christopher Elbow.  According to reports they only made 19,200 bottles of the chocolate ale and don’t plan to produce any more.  So if you are a lucky one that gets to try the brew CHEERS!  To the rest, well I guess all you can do is grab an ale, a bar of chocolate, close your eyes and see if you can channel the deliciousness of the Boulevard Chocolate Ale.

Remember to Travel Global, Drink Local!

David from Johnny Lightning Strikes Again enjoying the brew

By Lyndsey
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