Last Round Review & more!

Team Cocktail puts Last Round to the test

**Please note we had already had several cocktails by the time we recorded this video, thus the rambling.  To see a less rambled review see below!  Cheers!

Who likes to party?  We do!  Who likes a hangover?  We don’t!  As our name implies, we like to have a lot of fun but something that every fun cocktail drinking company  struggles with is waking up the next day feeling good.  Everyone has their favorite hangover remedy and now we have ours…Last Round!

After meeting Last Round through Twitter several months ago we were given the opportunity to “sample” their hangover support.  So we decided to put this Last Round to the test!  We put on our favorite Team Cocktail t-shirts, pulled out the party pants and made a big night of it.  After drinking enough liquor to kill a small horse, actually on second thought we drank enough to kill a decent size horse, we decided to end our night like we were told by taking a bottle of Last Round.  It’s easy to drink, only 2.5oz, and tastes like a really sweet green tea.  We think it is best cold, but honestly if you’ve gotten to the point where you need to take a Last Round you’ve probably already taken shots that have tasted WAY worse.

6-Pack of Last Round

One of the guys in our group decided to take 2 just to be safe, and the ladies all took one.  Well except for one of us who forgot…see that is the hardest thing, remembering to take it!  Everyone, except our forgetful friend, woke up feeling great!  Thirsty with cotton mouth, but great otherwise.  So the moral of the story is…it works!!  We have now tried it a few times and while it will not give you hours of missing sleep back it will help you wake up not feeling like a truck ran you over the night before or that you drank the bar out of your favorite liquor.  Nope you’ll wake up headache and stomachache free, ready to take on the day!

Last Round by the bed

We have decided to keep Last Round readily available in our refrigerator for those big drinking nights and we suggest you do too!  In fact, we believe in it so much that we are now selling it on our website!  So go ahead, order the 2-pack and try it out for yourself.  Or, just take our word for it…you’re gonna want the 6-pack!  Especially as the biggest drinking holiday of the year quickly approaches…St. Patrick’s Day!!

In honor of this special holiday and our love for Last Round we have created a special St. Patrick’s Day Party Pack for all of our fun loving, drinking friends.  For only $20 you get a green Team Cocktail t-shirt, a green koozie and a 2-pack of Last Round!  We have them available in both men’s & women’s sizes.  So you can look your best on St. Paddy’s day while you’re partying it up and then feel awesome the next.  You’re welcome!  Now get out there, party and try it for yourself because half of the fun is “testing” the product.  Cheers!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Pack – $20

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!