Opening Day!

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely sick of winter right now.  So instead of looking out the window, we’re looking through pictures of awesome things we did last summer.  One of our favorite summer activities is going to baseball games.  It doesn’t get any more American than sitting in the stands of your favorite ballpark eating a hot dog and drinking a cold beer.   Last year we got the opportunity to visit both the Twin’s new Target Field & the Royal’s updated Kauffman Stadium.  They were both incredible & here are some of favorite features of each.

Target Field

We’ll start with Target field, which just opened last year, so it still had that new stadium smell when we were there.  After watching games in the miserable Metrodome for years the opportunity to bring outdoor baseball back to Minneapolis was welcomed with open arms on our end.  Honestly, sitting in a dome on a sunny July day just doesn’t do the sport justice.  Granted now fans will have to put up with cold and rainy, possibly snowy April days, but I think the trade off is well worth it.  The location of the stadium is great as it is in the Warehouse district in downtown Minneapolis, which means it is in a great spot for hitting the bars both pre and post game

Target Field

We booked a hotel in downtown and walked over to the field.  It was an easy walk and there were even Minneapolis city guides on most corners to point you in the right direction.  There are several fun bars on the way, we went to Kieran’s which is a huge Irish bar with lots of outdoor seating & a huge beer selection.  After putting away a few pints we were back on track to Target Field.

With tickets being hard to come by, we purchased ours from an online seller before hand.  As you walk up to the field, you can’t help but notice the beautiful limestone used to build the field, it’s gorgeous.   There are also bronze statues of Twin’s heroes over the years, great for pictures.  Once inside, everything in the stadium flows very well.  There are several bars and party decks throughout and it’s easy to sit down at one of those instead of your seats and enjoy the game from there.  If you can, sneak or buy tickets for the Legends Club, which is the area that has behind the glass access.  Once inside check out the Harmon Killebrew themed Bar named 573, it’s bar is carved out of ash (just like a certain baseball bat, the Louisville Slugger).

573 Bar in the Legend’s Club

The other awesome feature is the old twins “Shaking Hands” logo (1961-1981) that’s located in centerfield.  Anytime the Twins hit a homer, the guys light up and shake hands  If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll love Target Field.

Old school sign at Target Field

After the game a great Irish pub to hit up is The Local.  Its claim to fame is that for the past 4 years it has poured the largest volume of Jameson Irish Whiskey in the world…yes, I said world!  You were probably expecting that award to go to an actual Irish pub in Ireland, but nope it is in downtown Minneapolis.  So stop in and we recommend ordering The Big Ginger, which is Jameson with ginger ale, served over ice with a lemon & a lime. For a lower cal option try The Skinny Ginger, it’s the same thing, but made with diet ginger ale.  Trust us these drinks are very refreshing, especially after sitting through a hot July baseball game!

Kauffman Stadium

Let’s move on to Kauffman Stadium the home of the Kansas City Royals.  By many big leaguers and announcers, Kauffman has been referred to as one of the most beautiful and underrated stadiums in all of Major League Baseball and we agree.  Especially after the updates that were done last year this stadium gives you that feeling of baseball at its finest.  With a deeper than average fence and large outfield gaps you are bound to see some exciting triples in this stadium.

Kauffman Stadium

The one downside to Kauffman Stadium is that it is far from downtown Kansas City, so most likely you will have to drive and park there.  The good thing about that…TAILGATING!  So grab your blue and white Team Cocktail tailgating shirt and head down to the huge parking lot between Kauffman and Arrowhead Stadiums and get your tailgate on.  If you’re smart, pack a few Smirnoff Ices in your cooler and “ice” your friends while you enjoy some beers & grilling out before the game.

Gettin’ “Iced”

For most games you can walk up to the ticket booth and buy tickets for that day or night’s game.  Saying that, the Royals have a promotion called “Buck Night” where hot dogs, peanuts, & soda are all $1.  If you want to attend one of these games, and believe me you do, then buy your tickets in advance.  2011 “Buck Night” dates are April 15, April 29, May 6, June 3, July 8, July 22, August 5 and September 2.

Kauffman Stadium is probably known best for its fountains.  Located in centerfield, fountains and waterfalls surround the enormous, crown shaped HD scoreboard.  The fountains shoot into the air when the Royals hit a home run or win the game, which hopefully is more often this year!  The stadium updates also added standing room in front of the fountains in right field, which offers a great way to keep cool during the game (mist from the fountains) and potentially catch a homer.

HD scoreboard at Kauffman

Other awesome new features include a Bud Light party deck in right field, “The Little K,” which is a kids play area behind center field, Royals Hall of Fame in left field and Taste of KC.  After the renovations, the stadium looks great; you would never believe it’s the 6th oldest in MLB.  Kauffman will be hosting the 2012 all-star game and you better believe Team Cocktail will be there!

By Becah
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