Blind Taste Test – Rum Edition

Welcome to a new segment of our blog, which will come to be known as “Blind Taste Test.” Let me preface this by saying that none of us are any sort of liquor connoisseurs, we just like to drink it. So since we like to live on island time we will be posting these “Blind Taste Test” blogs irregularly and arbitrarily whenever we find the urge to cover our eyes with a blind fold and drink some liquor!

After digging through our liquor cabinet we noticed that we had quite a few bottles of rum sitting around. As it was the weekend we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test them all. Then it hit us like a ton of bricks…what if we do it blind folded, vote for our favorites, and blog about it…brilliant right? Well we thought so!

The Rums!

Going into it everyone had their strong opinion on what they would like best. “I drink Captain all the time, so I’ll know that one for sure,” said one of us. Let’s just say that he was wrong! Yep, none of us were as rum savy as we thought, so some of our egos were crushed, but trust us, it was still a blast!

So as we dug through the liquor cabinet we came across the following. A bottle of Sailor Jerry, Captain Morgan, The Kraken, and Mount Gay. And yes we realized that we had two spiced rums, one black spiced rum, and a non-spiced rum, but that didn’t stop us from pitting them

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all against each other. Like a wise man once said, “If life hands you rum, blind fold yourself, and drink it.” Now who that wise man was is uncertain, but who am I to disregard a great proverb like that?

Scoring System
1st place vote = 1 pt
2nd place vote = 2 pts
3rd place vote = 3 pts
4th place vote = 4 pts
Lowest number of points wins!

There were eight participants in the “Blind Taste Test – Rum Edition” and each got their shot at the gauntlet. Yeah that’s what we called the 4 shots of rum that each person had to take…ok so we only put about 1/4 shot into each glass, so it really came out to about 1 shot total, but I wanted to make us look cooler than we actually are…and for that I apologize. Also by calling it the gauntlet it took me by to the days of Gladiator, but that is neither here nor there, so I am going to go ahead and move on.

Blind Taste Test – Captain Morgan

After tasting the sweet nectar of the Rum Gods, here are our findings. Receiving the lowest number of points with 18 our winner is…The Kraken! The interesting thing with The Kraken is that it only received one 1st place vote, but was very consistent in receiving five 2nd place votes, which was just enough to make it our winner. This black spiced rum was explained as being, “Darker taste, more flavor,” “Good, full body taste, tasty.” (Total: 1st place votes – 1, 2nd place – 5, 3rd place – 1, 4th place – 1)

Tying for 2nd place were Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan. Each received 19 points and had identical scorecards. One thing to note is that Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan each received three 1st place votes, but that still wasn’t enough to overcome The Kraken. (Sailor Jerry: 1st place – 3, 2nd place – 1, 3rd place – 2, 4th place – 2) (Captain Morgan: 1st place – 3, 2nd place – 1, 3rd place – 2, 4th place – 2)

2nd Place Tie

Coming in 4th place was Mount Gay with 24 points. One has to assume this only happened because it was the only non-spiced rum, so it had a much different taste than the other three. It did receive a first place vote and the exact quote after one contestant blindly tasted it was, “Ohhh…this reminds me of Barbados!” Needless to say, she was the one that voted Mount Gay #1. (1st place – 1, 2nd place – 1, 3rd place – 3, 4th place – 3)

Tasting some rum!

This turned out to be much tougher on everyone than we originally expected. It was also decided that all four rums were delicious, so their are a number of variables that could have played a part in the final results; personal preference, drink order, etc…Obviously this would never hold up at a real rum festival, but never the less it was a great start to a great night!


Team Cocktail

By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!