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We made it to Macon, GA last night, which means the first leg of our journey from Olathe, KS to Miami for the Rum Renaissance Festival is over!  Yesterday morning we got the last of our product loaded into the truck along with our tiki bar setups, and we set out on our 1,481 mile journey.  We’ll definitely need a lot of rum once we reach Miami tonight!

In preparation for the Rum Festival and because of our love of the Caribbean Islands we decided to start a Rum line of t-shirts, which we launched a couple days ago.  I figured that I would take this time to introduce each shirt and the inspiration behind each design.

Womens “Rum Kind of Day” Shirts

After being to the islands quite a few times there is always that feeling that any day could turn into a “Rum Kind of Day.”  And quite often those days lead into “Rum Kind of Nights.”  It was those days & nights in the islands that lead to two of our designs pictured below.  Our goal is that when you wear these t-shirts you remember the times in the islands when you were sitting on the beach, drinking a rum infused cocktail, and not worrying about what the weather is like back “home.”

“Rum Kind of Night” T-Shirt

Our next design had a few very different influences.  Not only was it inspired by our love of Rum Runners, but it was also inspired by our love of the old school, vintage track shirts that you saw back in the 70’s.  We thought, “why can’t rum and track mix?”  So we made an executive decision and decided that they could both exist together and in perfect harmony.  So here you have it…your favorite team…Team Cocktail and their favorite mascot the Rum Runner.  This gives you the Team Cocktail Rum Runners, now that sounds like a team everyone can cheer for!

Mens “Rum Runners” Shirts

Our third rum design was influenced by our love of rum punch.  This rum drink can pack quite a punch, no pun intended, but also tastes great on every island.  I have yet to have a bad rum punch in the Caribbean.  Here we thought, “Why not create a shirt with a reminder of how to make it?”  So we did, Rum – Pour It. Punch It. Drink It.  Simple recipe for an awesome drink!

Womens “Rum Punch” Shirts

All designs are available in mens and womens.  Along with tank tops for the ladies.  We hope that you enjoy our new designs!  Rum on my friends…rum on.


Team Cocktail

By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!