Slap Koozies Rule!

Do you know what’s cooler than sliced bread?  SLAP KOOZIES that’s what!  Were you a kid of the 80s? Did you drive your parents crazy with the slapping sound all day?  We were!  Which is why we have fallen in love with our slap koozies.

Team Cocktail Slap Koozies

The brilliance behind the slap koozie is amazing.  There are two metal recoiling strips that run lengthwise layered inside the 1/4″ foam insulation.  This is the best beverage insulation you’ll find and the most fun!  These slap koozies will fit any normal sized can or bottle, and will retain it’s shape around the object it’s placed on.

We’ve used them on beer bottles, cans, plastic cups, wine bottles and so much more!  Slap koozies are versatile and a must add to your cocktail drinking arsenal.  They lay flat for easy storage and with a flick of the wrist are the perfect companion to your beer!

Look they fit around plastic cups!

And wine bottles!

So make your beer the happiest it has ever been by purchasing some Team Cocktail Slap Koozies!  We have all of your favorite colors to choose from, or get a party pack that includes multiple colors.  Colors available are Black, Red, Royal Blue, Fuchia, Camo Green, Neon Blue, Texas Orange & Lime Green.

Very happy beers!

Pricing is as follows:
Individual Slap Koozies: $6/each
Party Pack (4 colors): $20/set (17% discount)
“Life of the Party” Pack (all 8 colors): $38 (21% discount)

“Life of the Party” Pack

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!