Coors Brewery Tour – A Golden Colorado Must!!

Trey & I got the opportunity to travel to Golden, CO for a wedding of our great friends Nate & Leah. Golden is right outside Denver and home of the Banquet Beer, Coors. So of course we had to check out the Coors Brewery while we were there.

Coors Brewery

Coors makes it so easy for anyone & everyone to check out their Brewery. All we had to do was follow the signs into a designated parking lot where we parked and jumped into a tour bus, wrapped in a Killian’s Irish Red logo. We got a short tour of Golden, learning all about the crazy things that happened in the city. Did you know that Golden was almost the capital of Colorado, it’s said that it lost against Denver by 1 vote and that it was rigged. Probably a good thing though, because the city has small town charm, including a picturesque downtown that includes great restaurants, bars & shopping.

Downtown Golden 



After our short 10 min tour of Golden, we were dropped off at the Brewery. We each got our ID checked and were handed audio players shaped like a phone. The tour is at your own pace, allowing you to roam through the tour learning more about area’s you’re interested in by selecting different numbers on your audio player. Here’s a little bit of what I learn while strolling though.


Adolph Coors learned how to make beer in Germany, where he was born. He came over to US in 1868 and paired up with Jacob Schueler to create the Golden Brewery. Adolph knew that beer was mostly made up of water & the secret of their great beer was using the Colorado mountain water. In 1880, Adolph bought out Schueler… I bet the Schueler family’s kicking themselves now.


Did you know the Coors brand has over 20 beers to their name? Check out most of them below!

Rocking our “Travel Global, Drink Local” TC shirts.

During the tour, you get to check out the beer’s ingredients, fermentation tanks, filtration presses, & packaging lines. Halfway through the tour, you get to try a sample of beer from a “fresh batch”. It’s around 3 days old, which makes it pretty darn good.

Brew/Fermentation Kettles

Even though Coors has been around since 1868, it

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wasn’t nationally distributed across the Mississippi until the 1980’s!!! The last state to be added to the distribution list was Indiana in the 1990’s… silly Indiana. Coors from 1940 – 1980 really had a cult following due to these distribution issues. During WWII Coors provided beer to our men over seas, our guys came back thirsty for the beer & couldn’t find it anywhere! As the years went by, road-trips to Colorado to load up on Coors were the thing to do. Check out this picture of my parents loading up their car with Coors to bring to friends in Virginia & showing off smuggled beer

once they got there.

Last fun fact before we get to the drinking part. Did you know that the Coors brand introduced the first all aluminum beer can? Before, beer was drank out of steel cans that left a funny metal taste in the drinkers mouth. Thanks Coors, all of us beer drinkers appreciate the change!

Finally, at the end of the tour, each person gets to sample 3 different types of Coors beer. They had the regulars like Coors, Coors light, Blue Moon, Keystone & Killian’s Irish Red but they also had some fun unique types like Batch 19 (a pre-prohibition lager) & Colorado Native (made with 99.8% ingredients from CO). Both Batch 19 & Colorado Native were favorites of our group! We all had an awesome time learning more about Coors & partaking in some great beer. It’s a great Team Cocktail approved tour that we’d recommend to anyone!



By Becah
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