It’s Whisky Wednesday!

Hey Team Cocktail fans we are proud to bring a new contributor to the Team Cocktail blog!  Steve Higgins is a Team Cocktail Co-Founder, has years of experience in bars & fine dining establishments, and is a manager and one of two Certified Sommelier at 801 Chophouse in Kansas City, MO.  He is Team Cocktail’s resident bartender mixing up the best cocktails around, including the famous Painkiller, mojito’s, margaritas and whatever he feels like putting in to a shot glass!  We drink it all!

Bartender Extraordinaire Steve Higgins

Steve will be contributing from time to time with recommendations for great whiskey, wine, scotch, vodka, rum…and just about any other type of liquor you can think of.  BTW…if you are ever in the Kansas City area you MUST check out 801 Chophouse, it is one of the best, and in my opinion THE BEST, prime steakhouse in the country! So we welcome Steve on this Whisky Wednesday…don’t worry he’ll explain why the e is left out of Whisky.  Cheers!

Take it away Steve….


Ahh Wednesday.  Hump Day, Half Way to Friday Day, and now…..Whisky Day!  If you noticed, I left the “E” out of the word “Whisky”.  Why would I do such a thing you may ask?  Simple: This week we are talking about Scotch Whisky, and they don’t waste their time with an extra vowel!

The Scotch Whisky for today’s topic is Glenmorangie “Quinta Ruban”, a 12 year old Single Malt Scotch.  Quinta Ruban spends 10 years maturing in American white oak casks (which were previously used to make Bourbon Whiskey) before being transferred into specially selected Port casks from the Quintas or wine estates of Portugal.

GLENMORANGIE photo by Delcho Dimov

The first sniff of this girl is sweet…..literally!  It smells a little fruity, like candied wine, which it picks up from the Port Casks.  It also has a little orange zest smell to it, which I like.

The color is a little deeper than most run of the mill Scotch’s.   Basically, a deep orange color, like a new copper penny J  Again, this is attributed to the cask is finishes in.

The taste is, well, fantastic.  Plain and simple!

GLENMORANGIE – Scotch Whisky

The great thing about whisky, or any booze for that matter, is that we all taste different things.  We all have different perceptions of what it is we are tasting.  For me, this particular whisky is pretty stout.  If you are looking for an “Intro to Scotch” Whisky, this isn’t it!  I would venture to say it’s a little aggressive, however, it is extremely mouth coating and rewards with a smooth, peppery finish that I dig.  The perfect after dinner whisky, and perfect with either a Montecristo Toro or an Ashton Cabinet No. 6!

Steve Higgins

So Team Cocktail fans…what do you think of Whisky?  Are you a fan?  What’s your favorite and how do you like to drink it? We want to know!

By Lyndsey
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