Square Grouper Tiki Bar – Team Cocktail Approved!

It’s Friday which means everyone is ready for the weekend! You’re probably at work, watching the clock tick down to 5 O’Clock.  So we’re gonna help you waste those final few hours of the work week with our new blog segment…TEAM COCKTAIL APPROVED!  We will be featuring our favorite bars, restaurants & drinks that we deem as TEAM COCKTAIL APPROVED!

Square Grouper Tiki Bar is Team Cocktail Approved!

So for our first TEAM COCKTAIL APPROVED edition we are spotlighting the Square Grouper Tiki Bar in Jupiter, Florida.  We learned about this gem of a tiki bar from Twitter follower @KansasHoops.  He insisted that it was one of the top beach bars in all of Florida!  That is quite a lofty statement…so we HAD to check it out for ourselves.  Well he wasn’t kidding!!

This bar is Team Cocktail APPROVED!

Square Grouper Tiki Bar is located on the water way in Jupiter Florida and has it’s own Marina…perfectly named Castaway’s Marina.  We didn’t know until we arrived that this was the site of Alan Jackson’s, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” video with Jimmy Buffett.  Perfect setting for one of our favorite songs.

Castaway’s Marina

Square Grouper Tiki Bar

So we couldn’t stay for just one drink as originally planned…nope…we made a night of it!  This place was just too perfect for Team Cocktail.  So we grabbed a few beers, found a table in the sand and made ourselves at home for the next several hours.  Our Twitter/Facebook friend Shawn @smdmartin made the drive up from Fort Lauderdale to hang with us too!  We love getting to hang out with our new friends!

Jim, Lyndsey & Shawn

As we always do, we drink local…so Jim tried the local Monk in the Trunk Organic Amber Ale by Inlet Brewing Company and I opted for a Kalik.  Now I realize that we weren’t in the Bahamas.  But we were only 50 miles from Bimini so I made an executive decision that it was local enough!  And so began our night of Kalik’s, Monks and making new friends!

Drinking local!

We were there on a Wednesday night and the place was really busy! Looked like a good mix of locals, tourists and boaters.  We even heard that Alan Jackson was there…while we didn’t see him in person we did get to see his boat parked in the Marina…not too shabby!  Sounds like he’s there often so who knows you might get lucky one night and get to meet the country star.

View from the marina

As you can see by the pictures this place has the perfect atmosphere for enjoying great drinks, while listening to some live music and having fun with your friends!   You can check out their Facebook page where they do a good job of posting the upcoming music schedule.  Our only disappointment is that they closed kind of early…I mean it was only midnight and we weren’t ready to go home.  But then again…maybe we should have been.  We just hated to leave a place this great!

Live music stage

Thanks to all the staff at Square Grouper, who were awesome, our friend Shawn for making the trip to hang with us and our new friend Wendy who bought us our last round of the night!  We had an awesome time and can’t wait to go back!

Welcome to the Team Wendy!

We’d love to know if you’ve ever been to the Square Grouper Tiki Bar and what you thought!   Also, if you know of any bars that you think should be Team Cocktail Approved let us know.  We’re on the hunt to find the best bars in world!


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Enjoying an ice cold Kalik…Cheers!

Jim enjoying a Monk in the Trunk!

Sign at the entrance

Left our card at the bar

By Lyndsey
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