Team Cocktail Tervis Tumblers

With summer just around the corner it means the start of backyard BBQs, beach trips, and porch parties.  To help get your summer party going Team Cocktail has launched a line of Tervis Tumblers!

Now, if you’ve ever owned Tervis Tumblers you can probably quit reading this as I know you will just want to go skip ahead to the website and purchase a 4-pack of Team Cocktail Tervis Tumblers.  If you have never owned any Tervis Tumblers then continue to read to learn a little more about them.

My first experience with a Tervis Tumbler was at a summer porch party.  After getting my first cocktail delivered in the double-walled tumbler I was immediately sold!  The 12oz tumbler was the perfect size for a cocktail and due to its design the tumbler never sweats…how awesome is that!?!  This means I never had to look for a coaster, I could just set the tumbler anywhere and not worry about leaving a condensation ring!

12oz Cocktail Tumbler

Now if the no condensation thing wasn’t good enough, well Tervis prides themselves on being “virtually indestructible.”  This means that they are dishwasher safe and offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their tumblers, so if you ever do break one you can fill out their online form and they will send you a replacement for free!

Also, due to the double-walled design, which uses the the insulation properties of air, they will not only keep cold drinks cold, but they will also keep hot drinks hot!  So not only can you use them in the summer, but don’t be afraid to use them in the winter for your hot toddy or morning coffee.  Also, we sell travel lids for our 16oz tumblers, so you can use them on the go!

“Travel Global, Drink Local” Patch Design

Needless to say after our experiences with Tervis it was decided that we needed to make Team Cocktail Tervis Tumblers…and with a name like Team Cocktail it seemed like a match made in Cocktail Heaven.  So now not only can you get a great, durable Tervis Tumber, but now you can get that tumbler with an awesome Team Cocktail “Travel Global, Drink Local” design…ahhh….life doesn’t get much better than this!

We offer our tumblers in a variety of sizes.  Our 12oz cocktail tumbler is perfect for…well cocktails!  Serve your guests cocktails in these and you are sure to be the hit of your backyard BBQ!

16oz with optional Shaker Top & Travel Lid

Our 16oz pint size tumbler is perfect for beer, Bloody Mary’s, cocktails, yep….pretty much anything!  Add the travel lid, so you can use this tumbler on the go or add the shaker top, so you never have to transfer your drink from your shaker to your tumbler…the tumbler is the shaker!  How’s that for convenience?

24oz Tumbler with optional handle

Yeah we know you get thirsty in the summer, so for you we have the 24oz tumbler, which is perfect for giant cocktails!  Add the nifty handle, so that you can use it as a dumbbell and get a workout while you’re drinking…just kidding, but it will make your giant cocktail easier to hold!  It also comes in handy the morning after a long night of drinking.  Just fill it with water and you are sure to be rehydrated and back to happy hour in no time!

Ice Bucket

Want the ultimate Team Cocktail Tervis party accessory?  Order the Team Cocktail ice bucket!  With the same double-walled design this ice bucket will keep your ice frozen from the start of your party through the end!

With the “Travel Global, Drink Local” beach design our tumblers & ice bucket are perfect for any backyard BBQ, porch party, or of course beach party if you are lucky enough to live near the beach.  For the best value we recommend buying the 4 pack in the 12oz & 16oz sizes and the 2 pack in our 24oz size.  It’s a great way to save a few bucks and you’ll have plenty of tumblers to use at your next party!

Team Cocktail & Tervis…teaming up to end the condensation epidemic!



By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!