Team Cocktail Drinks Local in Lexington, KY!

If you are fan of us on Facebook or Twitter you’ve probably seen our updates from the road this week.  Trey and I have been road tripping from Kansas City to Washington DC for the Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival.  We thought it was only fitting that we make a few stops in Bourbon Country so we decided to spend our first night in Lexington, KY.

Lyndsey, Crystal & Trey at the Horse & Barrel

Lucky for us novice Bourbon drinkers we met a great bartender Crystal at the Horse & Barrel in downtown Lexington.  She was friendly and eager to help us try out some of her favorite bourbons.  Check out this video as Crystal recommends her favorite “ladies bourbon.”

Also, the Horse & Barrel is a really great bar that we highly recommend to all who are passing through Lexington.  They boast having one of the most extensive lists of premium bourbon in the city, but don’t feel overwhelmed because they have a list of of bourbons for beginners on the back of the menu.  So you can order one of their recommended “beginner” bourbons or just ask the bartender, who is more than willing to help you find a bourbon to suit your taste.

The Horese & Barrel

Don’t worry if you are not a bourbon drinker, you can still drink local by trying either the Kentucky Ale (Lyndsey’s favorite) or the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (Trey’s favorite).  The Kentucky Ale is light amber in color and is very smooth.  With it not being to light or dark, it had that feeling of being one of those beers that you could enjoy all night.

Trey enjoying Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

The Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is a known as a “sipping beer,” which is aged for about a month in a freshly decanted bourbon barrel.  The first whiff I got from this I knew immediately that I would like it.  It had almost a sweet, vanilla smell & taste and has a very high alcohol content (7.9%).  I would definitely recommend ordering it as it is delicious and is definitely unique if you have never had a bourbon barrel beer before.  This is a “warm up” to bourbon beer that you would only want to have 1 or 2 of and then switch to bourbon…after all you’re in bourbon country and you shouldn’t drink beer all night.

We may not know our bourbon, but we do know a bar with a great atmosphere and this is it.  It is the perfect relaxed setting to sip on some bourbon, no mixing here.  So go ahead and belly up to the old wooden bar or sit at one of the high top tables and let the bartender take you on a tasting tour of bourbon country.


By Lyndsey
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