Big Daddy’s Bloody Mary Review

By: Brandy Jouannet

Who doesn’t love a delicious Bloody Mary? I mean, let’s be serious- it’s a drink you can have any time of day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everywhere in between! Because there are never ending ways to make Bloody Mary’s, it’s often difficult to find one you love, especially when you have a favorite recipe at home! Team Cocktail is no stranger to this spicy favorite, it’s a staple in our diet! So, recently when we were sent a bottle of Big Daddy’s Bloody Mary Mix to test out, we were all for it.

Just add vodka…

The first thing we noticed about this mix compared to many other run-of-the-mill mixes, was the color.  Big Daddy’s has a deep red, borderline brown color speckled with all sorts of spices, separating it from the overly tomatoey mixes out there. Using 3 parts mix, which had a thick, creamy consistency and 1 part vodka, we poured it over ice in our TC Tervis Tumblers.  After giving it a quick stir, it was time for a cheers!

Time to get our drink on!

After one sip, it was clear: Big Daddy’s is packed full of flavor! With a look at the ingredients we found a large range of flavors from cayenne pepper to anchovies and clam juice. With an unknown, distinct finishing flavor, we were a little surprised at first- not sure what to make of it. It tasted as if you were sitting on the beach drinking a Bloody Mary, and the ocean air became part of the drink–kind of interesting! Although there’s tons of flavor, this concoction wasn’t overly spicy, making it ideal for those who can’t handle the heat. True to Team Cocktail’s style, we added a touch of lime and a few squirts of Tabasco to satisfy our spicy side. With this simple addition tailored to our unique taste preferences we were able to make Big Daddy’s our own, creating one of the best tasting as well as quickest Bloody Mary’s from a pre-bottled mix.

So, if you’re looking to make a lot of tasty Bloody Mary’s without the hassle of doing it yourself, have Big Daddy’s do it for you! Created by long time bartender James Miller for that very same reason, Big Daddy’s is easy–just add vodka, and your garnish of choice, and enjoy! Cheers!


By Lyndsey
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