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A few months ago Marriott Resorts Caribbean and Mexico ran a beach blogger contest. We had debated about one of the founders of Team Cocktail entering, but we were too slow to react and the opportunity  was lost.

The winner of that contest was RumShopRyan who is a big time Caribbean blogger from Florida (originally from Kansas).  He was definitely well deserving and did an awesome job, that is why we are particularly thankful that the rules state that a previous winner can not enter the contest again!  If he could enter again I am almost certain that he would be headed to another tropical Marriott Resort of his choice.

Enjoying a drink at Corn Field Beach

But hey, rules are rules, so last Saturday we decided that we would go ahead and enter this Marriott “Resort 2 Romance” Beach Blogger contest.  At the time of this blog there were 72 entries, 10 of which will be chosen to make the finals based on voting and a group of judges. Once in the finals the top 2 couples with the most votes will be sent to a Marriott Caribbean & Mexico Resort of their choice. So yeah the odds aren’t great, but someone has to win, right?  As a wise man once said, “Reach for the stars and if you don’t grab ’em at least you’re on top of the world” – Pitbull.  Yep, I was able to reference a Pitbull song lyric.  (I just won $20 for this.  Pay up Lyndsey!)

Laying out on Corn Field Beach

We would be honored to represent all of Team Cocktail Nation and feel like we would do a great job in reporting on all the great beaches, restaurants, & activities that TBD island & resort have to offer!  Also it will be our 2 year anniversary in September, so we figure what better way to celebrate than by spending it at a tropical Marriott Resort!

To vote for us follow this link, click on the “vote” tab and search for Becah F.  Voting to make the finals ends on July 31 and you can vote once per day, so go ahead and log on daily.  Help send us from Corn Field Beach to…well…an actual beach!


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