Surf Maui

4 1/2 years ago my wife and I moved to Redondo Beach, CA and it was there that we first attempted to surf.  Please note that I used the word “attempted!”  So there we were with our first surf board trying to ride the waves.  Although we got up a couple of times it wasn’t enough to turn us into great or even marginal surfers.  It was after an afternoon of trying to surf where we would typically find ourselves walking up to the pier, completely defeated by the waves, and heading to our favorite bar, Najas.

Luckily for us Najas had an extensive collection of beers on tap, so it didn’t take long for us to forget about how bad we were at surfing.  A few mugs in and by the way we were talking you would have thought we learned to surf like Johnny Utah in Point Break!  Note:  Neither of us are trained actors, but we are sure we could act ourselves out of a wet paper bag, unlike the aforementioned.

Surf Maui Women’s T-Shirt

So with Team Cocktail just getting started and a trip to Maui coming up last September, we decided that we needed a Team Cocktail Maui t-shirt design.   Since surfing was started in Hawaii, we wanted to base the design on riding the waves.  We really liked the old school hawaiian surfer designs so we started with that concept.  Soon we decided that we really liked “Surf Maui” but we needed to reference that we couldn’t actually surf, hence the “AND BY SURF WE MEAN DRINK” line was added to the design.

Surf Maui Men’s T-Shirt

Of course that line is quite fitting for Team Cocktail and while we were there for a week last September I can honestly say that we surfed Maui…and by surf I mean drank!



By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!