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As part of our Island Happy Hour series with Hot Caribbean Deals, we’ve decided to exchange some info! They’ll be sharing all the ‘need-to-know’ facts about the islands and we’ll be dishing out our favorites drinks, bars, or recipes that remind us of the island. This week, we’re off to Puerto Rico!

The pristine beaches, tropical climate, crystal-blue sea, and coconut palms of Puerto Rico definitely scream Caribbean paradise. And if you’re looking for a culture fix along with your dose of sunshine, Puerto Rico’s got you covered. The island is full of Spanish colonial history. Today, it’s part of the United States Commonwealth, meaning it has American-style infrastructure mixed in with its traditional Latin American culture (hamburgers are just as common as island dishes like sancocho).

¡Olé! Natural beauty with Spanish influence

Puerto Rico is different than all the other Caribbean vacation meccas. Aside from the coastal region around its capital city, San Juan, the island remains largely undeveloped. It boasts some magnificent beaches with coral reefs, many not commercialized, but easily accessible. Here’s a breakdown of some other facts you should know:

Island Deets
·  Average temperature from 70-90⁰F throughout the year
·  US citizens traveling directly to or from a US territory do NOT need a passport or visa
·  No departure tax (sweet deal!)
·  Spanish and English are both spoken. (so, brush up on your Spanglish and you’ll be all set)
·  Cash flow: the currency is the US dollar
·  Electricity is same as the US
Puerto Rico has five main beach areas – each a little bit different. Find out which one suits you best…or do like us and explore them all!

Beach Scene
Isla Verde Beach
Isla Verde, located just east of San Juan, is actually a series of beaches that stretch for miles. It provides both a tranquil getaway and an action-packed playground. Lounge around all day or keep active parasailing, surfing and jet-skiing!

Luquillo Beach
Located 30 miles east of San Juan, the golden-sand beaches of Luquillo provide a sanctuary for families. The coral reefs circling the island provide calm and clear water water. There are accessible changing rooms, shower facilities, and picnic tables to accompany the spectacular views.

Playa Higüero
Surf bum alert! With waves breaking up to 16 feet, Playa Higüero has been nicknamed “Little Malibu” and has become a fixture among surfers. This beach located on Rincon Bay has been host to of the world surfing championships. It has also become very popular with scuba divers, if you are looking for some underwater adventures.

Playa de Condado
Bars, water sports, chair-rental concessions line Playa de Condado, located just east of Old San Jaun. This long, wide stretch of beach provides family-friendly activities such as fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking.

Note: Nude sunbathing or swimming is illegal in Puerto Rico

Whichever beach you choose, make sure you jump in the beautiful waters!

Whichever beach you choose, make sure you jump in the beautiful waters!
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