Happy National Rum Day! What rum will be in your glass today?

Did you know today, August 16th is National Rum Day? Well it is, and we think that is reason enough to celebrate. I mean we are island loving, rum drinking, (well drinking anything really), people who love to have a good time. So as we poured our favorite rum drink we pondered…what should we do for all our rum loving friends today? How about…

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That’s right, today only you can buy all your favorite Rum designs at a discount just because we like rum and we love you! So go ahead, pour your favorite rum drink and start shopping!!

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Now it wouldn’t be right on National Rum Day if we didn’t share some of our favorite rum experiences. After all holidays are for reminiscing on our favorite memories, right? So let’s talk a walk down memory lane.

Remember that rum we had when…we were at the Rum Festival in Miami?

Remember that rum we had when…we found an awesome spicy rum drink called the Passion Fontaine?

Remember that rum we had when…we did that blind taste test?

Remember that rum we had when…Sarah at Rhythm’s Bar in St. Croix made us the Lime in the Coconut?

Remember that rum we had when…we started

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making homemade Pineapple Mojitos?

Remember that rum we had when…we were drinking Jan’s infamous Rum Punch at da Conch Shack in Turks & Caicos?

Remember that rum we had when…we made rum punch by the gallons at the Kenny Chesney Tailgate Party in Kansas City?

Remember that rum we had when…all we wanted to do was make some pum runch…I mean rum punch?

We hope you’ve had fun reminiscing with us. Hopefully you have some great rum memories of your own. If you do, share them with us…or at least what you can remember, and what is appropriate. 🙂

Happy National Rum Day!

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By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!