I blame it on the rum

Today (9/20/11) was supposed to be the end of our 2 week adventure which included 5 days in Orlando, FL for Surf Expo, 6 days in the Dominican Republic at the Hard Rock Hotel with Hot Caribbean Deals, and concluded with the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl.

As I sit here, in Key West for one more night, I can’t help but laugh at myself for the story I am about to tell you.  Before I begin…I would like to dedicate this post to Rum & Carl Grooms from Coastlines & Tan Lines.

And so the story goes…I was originally scheduled to leave leave Key West on Monday but decided last minute to change my flight till Tuesday so that Malibu Sue wouldn’t be left alone in Key West for a night. No Team Cocktail member should be left alone, especially in such a fun town, plus who wouldn’t want to stay in Key West for one more night?!  So at the last minute (Monday morning) I changed my flight to Tuesday which would make me the last of the Team Cocktail group to leave the island.  As we like to say; someone needs to turn out the lights when we leave. Well that was going to be my job today.

Malibu Sue & I enjoying another night in Key West

I had scheduled a late in the day flight of 5:50pm so I would have plenty of time to see a few more sights, have one more drink and get to hang out a little while longer on this awesome island.  So I made a trip to the Southernmost Point for a picture and then headed over to the Southermost Cafe & Bar to meet Mike from Rum Connection for lunch.

At the Southernmost Point

After lunch we decided to do a little “work” at the Southernmost Hotel Pool Bar.  Tough place to work, but we made it happen.  BTW..great little place if you’ve never been there.  Right on the water, very cool old architecture, and quiet.  After a little work, and a couple of beers I headed back towards my hotel to waste a few more hours working on the numerous blog posts we have coming up.

Mike hard at “work”

I’m sitting at my computer, occasionally checking the time to make sure I don’t miss my flight.  Clock on my computer says 4:30pm so I start packing up, grab my phone, look at the time and holy crap it says 5:30pm!!!  Which is 20 minutes from the time I’m supposed to take off.  I had totally forgotten that the clock on my computer is set to central time zone and I am of course in Eastern time zone.  DUH!

So as you can tell, I missed my flight.  As I sit here, in Key West for one more night, contemplating what could have caused me to be so mindless today I’ve decided to blame it on the rum.  Yep you heard that right Carl…the rum!  See my friends Carl & Shawn have been on a mission to convert to me a rum drinker.  See video proof here.  So for the past 4 days I’ve been trying rum drink after rum drink in hopes of becoming a true island loving, rum drinking girl.  Well you are close to a mission accomplished!  I have found a few rum drinks I like, and I have gotten so relaxed and in the island state of mind I can’t leave.

Carl, Shawn & I tasting some Bambu Rum

By the time this gets posted, I’ll most likely be on my flight back to Kansas City.  That is of course unless I get a hold of a real estate agent before then and just make the move permanently.  I’ll keep you posted!



By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!