Quest for the Hot Caribbean – How it began


Our Mission from To create the most awesome drink in all of the Caribbean.  We will call it the Quest for the Hot Caribbean!


We arrived in the Dominican Republic ready to embark on one of the most fun assignments we have ever received! Create the tastiest drink that will end up on menu’s all over the Caribbean, specifically the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana!

We love flying in to island airports where you step off the plane, you’re greeted by locals, and the sun is shining on your face.  The Punta Cana airport is one of the coolest looking airports!  It looks like Tiki huts just sitting off the runway, which got us right in to the Caribbean spirit.

Trey & Steve at the Tiki Hut airport


We love flying into the islands!

Thanks to and Prieto Tours we were greeted & ushered to our private bus that would take us to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where we would begin our Quest for the Hot Caribbean.  Check in was a breeze, the staff was amazing, and they served us drinks upon arrival…now that is service, Team Cocktail style!

Team Cocktail is welcomed to Punta Cana!

First stop, even before we even made it to our rooms was the Sun Bar!  Here we met our new friends Maite & Elsi who introduced us to a rum that would change our drinking habits for the entire week.  We admit, in the past we have not been huge rum drinkers.  Maybe a rum punch here, or a rum & coke there.  But now, we have found a rum that we could really drink…the local Brugal Extra Viejo!  Travel Global, Drink Local is our motto, and so we did for an entire week!

Trey & Lyndsey with Elsi & Maite


Our first drink of the Brugal Extra Viejo & Sprite…we’re in rum love!

After a few drinks we set out to check out our rooms and get a lay of the land.  We will write in more detail later about the Hard Rock Resort but let me tell you, this is one of the most beautiful resorts, with the friendliest staff, and the most gorgeous rooms! Every room is set up like a suite with a jacuzzi tub, mini-bar, and patio.  After a few cocktails on the patio it was time to scope out the bars.  We needed to start our quest, meet some bartenders and drink some more Brugal Extra Viejo.

A beautfiul room!

Day 2 began on the gorgeous white sand beach with a bloody mary and a few (ok a lot) local Presidente Beers & cigars.  Perfect start to an incredible journey, we were already settling right in to the island state of mind.  We could have stayed on the beach all day as we love the beach, the sun and the water, but unfortunately mother nature had other plans for us.  Hurricane Maria was way off in the distance, no threat to us, other than the rain…and lots of it!!

Drinks & Cigars on the beach

We would never let a little rain bring us down.  Nope, time to call in the liquid sunshine!   Off to the pool bars we went!  We drank our way around several pool bars, making friends with all of the bartenders, trying the famous **Mamajuana shot, tasting different cocktails for our quest and just enjoying the rain in the pool! What a great afternoon full of liquid sunshine!

Enjoying lots of Brugal in the rain
A little liquid sunshine on a rainy day!


That evening we ate dinner at Los Gallos the Mexican restaurant on the property.  The best part, besides the amazing service, were the shots of flavored Tequila they offered you as you walked in the restaurant.  We all tried a little pineapple infused Tequila and then enjoyed a great meal.  After dinner it was party time, round 2!

Tequila Shots? Yes, please!!

In true Hard Rock Hotel fashion they have a hair metal rock band that plays in the Moon Lounge every couple of nights.  We rocked out to some rock & roll classics from the 70’s & 80’s, nothing like a little ACDC & Metallic to get the night going.  Then we were off to the casino to try our luck at blackjack.  Unfortunately we weren’t very lucky, but we did have a good time with the dealers.

The hair metal rock band Revolver at Moon Lounge

Before we knew it it was time to head back to our rooms.  We needed to get our rest because the next day Lara from was going to be joining us on our Quest for the Hot Caribbean.  If only we knew how many good times were still to come.  Oh the stories….

Stay tuned to our blog on Monday as we continue our Quest for the Hot Caribbean. We were able to narrow it down to our top 4 recipes.  We’ll be sharing the recipes and more of our adventures…trust us you won’t want to miss this!


**NOTE: The locals love Mamajuana…and they love to pour it! It is a combination of rum, brandy, wine & honey that has been soaked in cinnamon sticks and other bark looking stuff.  BEWARE…it really doesn’t taste that great, but it’s fun to drink local!  They tell us that you may become a mama after you drink it…if you know what I mean.

Shots of Mamajuana all around!
By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!