Our Top 5 Key West Bars

If you follow us on Facebook you probably saw that we were featured in The Hotel Guide’s most recent edition (page 36 to be exact).  And if you didn’t, well we’re going to share our most recent article we wrote for them about our favorite bars in Key West!

We recently spent a weekend in Key West for the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl!  For some Team Cocktail members this was the first trip, but definitely not the last, to Key West, for others, it was just one of many.  One thing is for certain, whether it was the first trip or tenth we all agreed these were some of our favorite bars,ever.  So sit back, grab a cocktail and let us know if you agree with our top 5 bars in Key West.

Key West:
A Team Cocktail Kind of Town       

It doesn’t get more Caribbean in the US than Key West.  As you drive down the Keys from Miami you can start to feel yourself become more relaxed, you kick the shoes off for flip flops and turn Jimmy Buffett on the radio.  The water is a beautiful shade of turquoise blue, the bridges that take you from island to island show that they have a story to tell and once you get to Key West your mind has escaped from reality.

Bahia Honda Old Bridge in the Keys (photo credit RumShopRyan)

While there are many “must do” things in Key West like watch the sunset at Mallory Square, visit Hemingway’s mansion, get a picture at Southernmost Point and eat conch we’re not going to bore you with those.  No, we’re gonna get right down to what we think is the most fun thing to do in Key West, bar hop!  Duval Street is lined with bars and while we love many of the bars on Duval there are several off the beaten path that deserve a stop as well.  So pour a cocktail and read on to find out Team Cocktail’s favorite bars in Key West.

Team Cocktail at the Southermost Point

1)  Rum Bar – Rum Bar is on the south end of Duval and has one of the most extensive rum collections we’ve ever seen with more than 200 brands on the shelf!  Bahama Bob, a Key West rum legend, whips up some of the tastiest rum drinks you’ll ever have. It’s a small bar, with only 10 seats, but that’s part of what makes it unique and one of our favorite spots.  Tip: ask to try Bob’s Root Juice…if you dare!

Team Cocktail’s Becah & Lyndsey with Bahama Bob

2)  Willie T’s – This open air bar features live music daily, good food & of course drinks.  You can also leave your mark on Willie T’s by signing a dollar bill and plastering it wherever you can find a spot! Team Cocktail even has a dollar there! Tip: If you find the Team Cocktail dollar bill you get a free Team Cocktail t-shirt!

Willie T’s on a sunny day in Key West!

3) Virgilios – Not a rum drinker or looking for something a little more classy? Well then a must stop is Virgilios, Key West’s premier martini bar.  From the outside it might not look like much but the inside of Virgilios is classic, classy and relaxing! Enjoy one of their 10 oz martinis, which are delicious, and listen to some live music which they feature every night.  Tip:  Tell Pip hello from Team Cocktail!

Lyndsey & Trey with Virgilio’s own Pip!

4)  Irish Kevin’s – This is one of the most popular bars in Key West and for good reason.  No matter what time of day it is a party!!  Grab a beer, a drink, a shot, whatever you choose but make sure to join in on the fun! Tip: We dare you to take a phone call in front of the musician.

It’s ALWAYS a party at Irish Kevin’s!

5)  Schooner Wharf – Looking to get off Duval Street and hang with the locals?  This is the perfect place.  The staff is great, it is always packed with locals and they have a great spot right on the water.  After a few cocktails in this local favorite you’ll be canceling your flight home!  Tip: Take the camera off from around your neck and just enjoy a night with the locals.

Schooner Wharf by day

Schooner Wharf by night!

Now that we’ve set you up with our 5 favorite bars in Key West, it’s time to book your flight, find an inn and get ready to drink some rum!  Enjoy your trip to the Keys and remember to Travel Global, Drink Local!

No matter where you go or what you do, just have fun and remember…Travel Global, Drink Local!

Party with us!

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!