Travel Global, Drink Local – Dominican Republic

By now you probably know that Team Cocktail’s motto is Travel Global, Drink Local!  Well, while on our Quest for the Hot Caribbean we had the opportunity to drink local, Dominican Republic style!  The local beer of the Dominican Republic is Presidente, which is a great tasting beer that you can drink all day.  If you have ever been to the Caribbean then chances are you’ve drank your fair share of Presidente!

Bartender Eduy pour Team Cocktail Presidentes!

While there we were also introduced to a couple of local rums.  One being Brugal and the other being Ron Barcelo.  Through the five days we were at the Hard Rock Hotel we definitely drank our fair share of both, but our favorite had to be Brugal Extra Viejo.  It is a blend of aged rums and tastes great on the rocks, neat, or mixed with Coca-Cola Light.  None of us are rum connoisseurs, but it tasted great, so we drank a lot of it!  I was able to bring a bottle back to the States and I am definitely looking forward to cracking it open and being reminded of the Dominican Republic!

Trey & Eduy with the Brugal dispenser

Now if you really want to drink local you have to try the Mama Juana (or mamajuana). Every bar at the resort had a bottle of this premixed drink (served as a shot) and they definitely wanted everyone to try some!  One bartender said it was made with rum, brandy, red wine, and honey which they soak in a bottle filled with tree bark, herbs, and cinnamon sticks.  It is said to have some medicinal properties…let’s just say it is supposed to help in the…ah…bedroom…we’ll just leave it at that!

Mamajuana Shots!

So the next time you are in the Dominican Republic or anywhere for that matter, remember to drink local!



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By Trey
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