CYBER FUN on Cyber Monday!

Welcome back to the real world.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! You’re probably falling asleep at your computer after all that turkey, stuffing, potatoes, wine…ugh just saying it all makes me feel sick.  Well we have something that’s going to make you feel much better!   How about 25% off your entire order, plus free shipping!!  Just use the code CYBERFUN at checkout.

Yep, it’s Cyber Monday, which is the biggest online shopping day of the year.  Don’t worry, your bosses aren’t really expecting you to get a lot of work done today.  So, go ahead, cruise and don’t feel guilty!  We have something for everyone on your Christmas list…well maybe not for the kiddos.  But definitely for the big kids in your house.

Just remember to use the code CYBERFUN at checkout to get 25% off your entire order.  Plus you’ll get free shipping all throughout the holiday season.  Happy Shopping!!

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!