Easy Holiday Cocktail Recipes!

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Before I get started I wanted to preface this post with the fact that I have been seeing a lot of Holiday cocktail recipes being blogged about lately and have noticed they all have two things in common…they are all hot and are extremely difficult to make, since you most likely have to turn your stove on. So I thought I would blog about easy & cold holiday drinks.

Now to set the scene imagine you are at your Aunt Edna’s house where you have 20 family members packed in for Christmas.  Well I’m assuming Aunt Edna did not properly prepare for this by turning the heat down prior to everyone coming over.  You know what this means…the thermostat is set at 70+ degrees, you add 20 people who are all 98.6 degrees, and odds are you’re wearing some sort of ugly sweater and it is pretty much roasting in there!

When this situation arises the last thing I want is a hot toddy. I want it cold and/or easy to make.  I shouldn’t have to wait for the cider to heat up or have to worry about making hot chocolate. So below are four holiday cocktail recipes, two that should be served ice cold, and all that are easy!

The first one isn’t a “holiday cocktail” per se, but is a “holiday beer,” which I consider close enough.  Plus when you are warm blooded, in an over heated house, and wearing a sweater then sometimes an ice cold beer will do the trick.

Drink #1:  Shiner Holiday Cheer
Ingredients:  1 bottle of Shiner Holiday Cheer
Preparation:  Just grab a beer out of the fridge, pop the top, and enjoy!  If you feel like getting real fancy you can pour the beer into a glass, princess.

Drink #2:  Gin & Tonic
– 2oz Gin (more if it’s been a rough day)
– 5oz Tonic water (less if it’s been a rough day)
– Lime wedge

Preparation:  Add ice to tumbler.  Mix gin, tonic water, & garnish with lime wedge…Easy drink and a lot of people think gin tastes like “Christmas trees.”  I for one love gin, so this makes a great holiday cocktail!

Drink #3:  Peppermint Patty Shot
– Peppermint Schnapps
– Chocolate Syrup

Preparation:  Take a shot of Peppermint Schnapps and hold it in your mouth, pour in chocolate syrup, shake head vigorously, & swallow. This one isn’t necessarily ice cold, but it is definitely easy!

Drink #4:  Shot of Bourbon
Ingredients:  Self explanatory.

Preparation:  Really?…I shouldn’t have to explain this.  Now this would be for the cold blooded out there who aren’t extremely hot at Aunt Edna’s.  If a shot of bourbon doesn’t warm you right up then nothing will!

So the next time you enter Aunt Edna’s and notice the temperature rising keep these easy & cold drinks in mind.

Happy Holidays,


By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!