Nothing makes us happier than seeing Team Cocktail fans having fun in their Team Cocktail party shirts & beachwear. Whether you’re on a beach, at a tailgate or just hanging out at home enjoying a few cold one’s we want to see you livin’ the good life…in a t-shirt, shorts & flip flops…and with a drink in hand.

We post the WE LIKE TO PARTY BLOG on Friday’s to get everyone excited for the weekend. So don’t forget to take your camera and your favorite Team Cocktail t-shirt, slap koozie, hat, etc. to your parties this weekend and don’t forget to submit your pictures.

There are a few different ways to submit your pictures. You can post them to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/teamcocktail), Tweet them to us (www.twitter.com/teamcocktail) or email them Lyndsey@teamcocktail.com.

Team Cocktail goes bowling thanks to Ashley & John! Now that’s a bowling team we want to be on!
Dariana is representing TC at El Yunque in Puerto Rico!!
Check out this awesome TC beer holster belt Rob & Jackie made! Never go without a beer! These 2 are so creative!
Rob shall now be known as Team Cocktail Man! Saving the world one empty beer hand at a time!
One more shot of the beer belt! Love it!
Team Cocktail being represented at the Raiders vs. Cheifs game on Christmas eve! Lots of cold beers in those koozies that day!


Thanks for all the great photos! Keep them coming!!To continue the Team Cocktail party follow us at:

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!