Back to Reality

The best part about the cruise is that you have 7 days to explore islands, beaches, beach bars, each conch fritters and most of all hang with new, awesome friends. The worst part about a cruise…returning home! Whether you return home to 70 degree weather or make your way back to Alaska (2 TC cruisers this year) I believe that both is hard…although the 70 degree weather is probably a little easier!

TC in front of the Carnival Victory

It’s not only the weather that is hard to adjust to, but also your normal lifestyle. While in the islands it is easy to sit back, turn your clock to island time, and go with the flow…hey you’re on vacation! Once you return home you must turn your clock back to…reality.

Now the easiest way to make this transition is to do it slowly. You don’t want to get back home and jump right back into your normal routine. That’s why I’ve come up with a 10 easy things to do to make your transition from Island Time a little easier:

1. Take a little extra time in the morning and mix yourself a Bloody Mary…your body’s used to it from the cruise, so why not!

2. Take a cab to work, but agree to pay a set

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fare. Even better, if there are a group of you try and negotiate a lower per person rate! Also, don’t forget to arrange for the same cab driver to pick you up at 5! Added bonus if you ask the cabbie what the best bar is in the area and have them drop you off there…once again arrange a pickup time with the same driver.

3. Take the luggage you took on the cruise to work and empty out the sand, that is no doubt still in there, around your desk. This will undoubtedly piss off the janitor, but will make you feel like you are working in the Caribbean. I did this the other morning, but at 5pm it really irritated me as I remembered that I had to clean it up…damn you past Trey!

4. Go out for lunch with your co-workers and offer to pay. When the waitress/waiter brings the check give them your sign & sail card.

5. After work go to the tanning salon and go for the maximum minutes. Hey, you were in the Caribbean you can no doubt do this without even sweating!

6. When returning home from work pour yourself a cocktail (bonus if have someone else pour it for you) and stand outside on your deck. Yep, it’s your own private sail away! Plus the reflection off the snow looks a lot like the reflection off the water!

7. For dinner, dress up and take pictures of yourself in ridiculous poses that you would never do under any other circumstances except when on a cruise, oh and eat those leftovers out of the fridge. Just a little shout out for formal night!

8. Turn on ESPN 2 and watch the World Series of Poker reruns that are undoubtedly on. This will give you that gambling fix you’ve been missing from the boat’s casino.

9. Turn the lights down low, blare the music, and dance your heart out. It’s not exactly like the disco, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.

10. Before bed be sure to fold the blanket back and throw a mint on the pillow. Also, do not forget the towel animal…I repeat…do not forget the towel animal!

So those are ten tips to help ease off of Island Time and help you get back to reality.



By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!