The Travels of a Liquor Bottle

You checked your bag and the airline representative throws it onto the conveyer, you cringe. All you can think about is that bottle of Foxy’s Firewater Rum that is struggling for life in your bag and you’re hoping…praying that that old t-shirt you wrapped it in is enough to stop it from breaking. You begin to regret not stealing the hotel’s pillow to wrap around that little bundle of joy…because odds are (my odds anyway) it’ll break.

Through our travels we have opened our luggage to find cracked Crown Royal bottles, leaking vodka bottles, and now a broken bottle of Guavaberry Liqueur. If you don’t know, Guavaberry Liqueur is red and sticky, so if it breaks in your bag you can pretty much kiss all of your clothes goodbye…that red isn’t washing out.

Well as we opened our luggage yesterday we pulled out our bottle and sure enough it had broken…gasp! Luckily though we had put it in a Jet Bag! I had never used one before, but my father-in-law had given it to us on the cruise to try….and it worked!

The Jet Bag was designed to help travelers take home wine without having to worry about it breaking and spilling in their bags, and in turn ruining their clothes. According to their website the bags are 100% biodegradable and the padded material (same used in diapers) not only protects your bottle, but also absorbs all of the liquid if it breaks…they didn’t lie! Every ounce of the Guavaberry Liqueur had been absorbed by the material! They are also reusable…as long as your bottle doesn’t spill or break, obviously.

Guavaberry Absorbed!

We must note that our bottle didn’t actually break, so the Jet Bag also prevented that. In our case we bought the Guavaberry Liqueur, which has a lower alcohol content, which means it is more susceptible to freezing. After sitting at the Minneapolis airport for the night I’m sure it was in a cold storage facility, as I don’t think the airlines are into the business of giving lost luggage hotel vouchers. Hell, they reluctantly do it for passengers! So in our case it froze, expanded and broke through the plastic cap of the bottle and leaked out.

Pickup a Jet Bag for $5

So the next time you travel and want to bring back that special bottle of wine, vodka,

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or rum make sure you spend the $5 and travel with a Jet Bag. And we learned our lesson, next time we’ll go with the Guavaberry Rum*!



*Higher alcohol content, so wouldn’t have froze.

By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!