TC Cruise 2012 – St. Lucia: I’m on a Boat!

There is only one word to describe our day on St. Lucia…PARTY!!!


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had always wanted to take a trip to Jalousie Beach, which is the beach nestled between the Pitons on St. Lucia. It is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and can be seen on many shows on the Travel Channel…and for good reason.

So this year we decided to charter our own boat to the beach. I mean we are Team Cocktail and we will find a way to make it to the most gorgeous beaches on every island we visit. That is always a goal. So after a little research online we (by we I mean Rodi our Team Cocktail Olive Counter) found a company called Spencer Ambrose Tours. He made all the arrangements for 60 of us to take a catamaran trip to Jalousie Beach, which just so happened to include an open bar. PERFECT for Team Cocktail.

Spencer gets decked out in Team Cocktail style!

We met Spencer right off the ship and then made our way to what would become our party headquarters for the day, the Carnival II Catamaran. We all innocently boarded the cat, a little tired, some a little hungover from the night before. Spencer and the crew wasted no time getting us out of our morning funk. A round of rum punches for everyone! Spencer had made, what seemed like a never ending supply of rum punch! As we pulled out of the dock, the bar was open and ready for service.

Morning rum for Bob & Steve! Cheers!
The bar is open! Mike, Al and Joe are ready for some rum!

We started to make our way around the island to Jalousie Beach. But there was something missing on the cat…our Team Cocktail flag! The captain quickly remedied that situation by attaching our flag to one of the lines. It was official! Team Cocktail had taken over the Carnival II!! We felt like pirates for the day and it was awesome!

Captain Jack raising the Team Cocktail

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Captain Jack loves Team Cocktail!

It took about and hour and a half to make our way to the beach, which passed by quickly as we drank rum, had dance parties with the crew, people rapping on the mic and Spencer giving us history lessons about the island. It’s amazing what a little rum punch will do to a group at 9am.

Cheers to morning rum punch!
Rodi & Spencer starting off the dance party
Ryan rapping “I’m on a Boat” at 9am. Great way to start the day!

As we pulled in to the bay at Jalousie Beach we were all in awe of the beauty. This was one of the most beautiful, most picturesque places we had ever been. White sand beach, turquoise waters, and lush mountains on either side. It was paradise!

Team Cocktail pulls in to Jalousie Beach!
Jalousie Beach…PARADISE FOUND!

They pulled the cat right up to the beach, we all got off, found our place in the sand and of course got another drink. Spencer had brought coolers full of beer and rum for us to enjoy while we were on the beach. He was very well prepared for Team Cocktail. We all enjoyed playing around in the water, many snorkeled, and then Spencer and his crew made us a traditional St. Lucian lunch on the beach. It was delicious!

The Carnival II docks at Jalousie Beach
Party in the water!

Around 1:30pm they told us it was time to get back on the boat. We were a little disappointed because it felt like the day had gone by too quickly. We couldn’t possibly be needing to head back to the ship already, we weren’t scheduled to leave port until 5pm. Little did we know what they had in store for us.

Cheers from Team Cocktail on Jalousie Beach!

It turned in to one of the best, craziest, most fun parties at sea we have ever had!!! Who knew our captain was also a DJ?! He played the best party music, that got EVERYONE dancing, rocking the boat and having a great time! There were limbo contests, line dances and Trey even got up and rapped Ice Ice Baby!! Team Cocktail was in full effect!

Limbo lower now…with a rum punch!
Anna’s turn to Limbo!
It’s a party!! Raise the roof!
It’s a deck party! Team Cocktail was rockin’ the boat!
Jami & Tricia dancing with Captain Jack

As we pulled back in to the cruise ship port we had everyone on the Carnival Victory waving at us and wishing they were a part of the fun. If I remember correctly, the crew almost had to kick us off the cat because we didn’t want the party to end! We drank more rum, danced with the Captain and Anna even serenaded us off the boat. She was our Karaoke rock star!

Lyndsey, Becah & Trey with Spencer, Captain Jack, Deedee & Babalou!

A HUGE thank you to Spencer of Spencer Ambrose Tours ( for organizing the BEST excursion Team Cocktail has ever had! We will be back to party with him again soon. If you are ever going to be on St. Lucia you have to contact Spencer, he sets up all kinds of tours around the island and will take great care of you. OR just come with Team Cocktail on our cruise in 2013 cause we’ll be back in St. Lucia and you better bet we’ll be partying with Spencer and the crew again!

DeeDee, Rodi & Spencer!

Also we raise the roof to Babalou, DeeDee and Captain Jack!! These guys know how to party Team Cocktail style! They were so much fun, knew all the best music to play, and found a way to get everyone in on the action. Can’t wait to party with you guys again soon!

We love the Carnival II crew!

So, if the videos and pictures weren’t enough and you want to experience it yourself. Then join Team Cocktail in January 2013 as we sail the Southern Caribbean! More details coming soon!!

A little shout out to all of Team Cocktail who partied with us that day. You guys rock! Can we get a little…The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…we don’t need no water…let the……. 🙂

Great time in St. Lucia!


By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!