Nothing makes us happier than seeing Team Cocktail fans having fun in their Team Cocktail party shirts & beachwear. Whether you’re on a beach, at a tailgate or just hanging out at home enjoying a few cold one’s we want to see you livin’ the good life…in a t-shirt, shorts & flip flops…and with a drink in

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We post the WE LIKE TO PARTY BLOG on Friday’s to get everyone excited for the weekend. So don’t forget to take your camera and your favorite Team Cocktail t-shirt, slap koozie, hat, etc. to your parties this weekend and don’t forget to submit your pictures.

There are a few different ways to submit your pictures. You can post them to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/teamcocktail), Tweet them to us (www.twitter.com/teamcocktail) or email them Lyndsey@teamcocktail.com.

So who’s ready to party?

Jennifer, Kathryn, Keli & Becca we’re partying it up in TC style at Willie T’s in Key West! Looking good ladies!



Our friend Rick, The Tippling Tourist Surfing Maui…as Team Cocktail does! Cheers!


Now this takes talent! Sommer drinks beer in a TC Koozie and uses it to stabilize her golf swing! FORE!!


Another great day at Rum Connection Headquarters in Key West! We can’t help but be a little jealous of this shot! Cheers Mike!


Here’s our favorite Halloween costume! Cheers to Brooklyn!


Check out Jodi’s car bumper. We like our company and love that everyone gets to look at her car’s ass and see us!


It was a Team Cocktail party in The Landing in St. Louis after the Rock ‘n Roll marathon & the Packer vs. Rams game. Those cheeseheads know how to party!


The new Ragnar Team Cocktail team, practicing at Bill’s Beer run!

Team Cocktail farming! It happens! Woo Brandy!

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By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!