A Day on the Team Cocktail Cruise

Whenever people ask me about the Team Cocktail cruise, especially people who have never cruised before, the most asked question is, “What do you do on the Team Cocktail cruise?” Well I thought today would be a good day to answer that since it is fresh in my mind. Sorry this is so long, but so are the days, so here is a play by play…

Brilliance of the Seas

6:00AM – Hop out of bed and hit the gym. You want to get your 60 minutes of exercise in early! J/K, LOL (whatever the kids are saying now)…You’re on vacation, keep sleeping!

8:30AM – Room service arrives with breakfast, gotta load up on protein after your imaginary workout! Room service is free, so we love to use it as our wakeup call.

9:30AM – Head up to pool deck to grab some

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fresh towels for the day.

9:31AM – The pool bar just so happens to be right by the towel stand, so you might as well grab a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa to get your day started right! Hey…they wouldn’t open it at 9am if they didn’t want you to have a drink. It’s almost insulting to them if you don’t…do not insult them, they’re already mad at you for being thirty minutes late to the bar!

10:00AM – Disembark the ship and look for the Team Cocktail flag where all your new friends will be waiting! Hop in a taxi or catamaran and you’re off to a beautiful beach!

Our “taxi” for the day

10:30AM – Arrive at the aforementioned beautiful beach (yeah it’s rough!). When walking to the beach you will most likely walk through or past the beach bar…good chance to grab a local beer. Remember Travel Global, Drink Local.

Team Cocktail in St. Croix

10:35AM – Rent a beach chair, apply sunscreen, and soak up that hot Caribbean sun!

11:00AM – Being extremely hot the water looks very inviting, but you don’t want to get in empty handed. You run, haha…who am I kidding…you slowly walk up to the beach bar grab a local beer and head to the beautiful blue water. If you want to get bonus points grab a bucket of beer to take in the water to share!

Bucket of Beer!

11:15AM – You head back up to your beach chair to soak in a little more sun and to dry off a bit.

11:30AM – You notice that your beer is empty, odds are you will be offered one by one of your new friends that was smart enough to get a bucket. Never turn down a beer when it’s offered, it’s just bad manners, not to mention bad karma.

12:00PM – It’s noon, so this is a great opportunity to get out of the sun for a bit, grab a rum punch (it’s afternoon after all!) and order some food.

12:30PM – Great time to grab a bottle of water…gotta rehydrate while you dehydrate!

1:00PM – Now that you have all that food in your stomach you’ll probably want to settle it by grabbing another beer…hell, you’re on vacation!

1:30PM – By now a majority of the people are in the water and you are steaming hot. Head to the bar for a beer to take in the water with you or be the hero and grab a bucket as previously mentioned!

No Bucket?…No Problem!

2:00PM – You may still be in the water or on the beach, either way you’re laughing and B.S.ing with your new friends and thinking “Can life get any better?” Bluntly put…no, no it can not. You have now hit the pinnacle of life that everyone is looking for…congratulations!

2:30PM – Good time to head up to the beach bar to get out of the sun and to grab a bottle of water with a rum punch chaser!

3:00PM – By now everyone is starting to congregate at the beach bar and the bartenders love you! Local beer is being drank and the rum is flowing like wine…which ironically at night the wine flows like rum!

3:30PM – Hop in a cab (beer in hand) and head back to the pier.

Leaving our Paradise for the day

3:45PM – You’ll be singing your heart out in the cab & dancing, well arm dancing anyway.

4:00PM – Arrive back at the pier. Take this time to shop, find a bar, or most importantly find a bathroom!

4:30PM – Arrive back on ship, don’t be late, as we found out they don’t like that!

5:00PM – Time to meet at the sky/mast bar for Sale Away. Soak in the beautiful views as you sail away from the island, while enjoying a cocktail and cigar. This could be argued is the best time of day!

Sail Away!

6:00PM – Either hang at Sail Away longer or head to your room to take a well deserved nap.

7:00PM – Get ready for dinner. By now your tan will be soaked in, so you will ogle at yourself in the mirror for a good 5 minutes saying to yourself, “Damn…I look good!” It’s OK to admire your tan…you earned it!

8:00PM – Meet at the bar for a pre-dinner martini. You’ll notice that everyone cleans up very well and everyone has as good as tan as you if not better, you feel less impressed with your tan. Sad Face (I don’t do emoticons)

8:30PM – Time to eat! nom, nom, nom, nom.

9:30PM – You’re getting to the end of dinner and need to liven up the party, so you order shots!

10:00PM – Time to try your luck at the casino. Odds are you’ll lose, unless you’re Steve or Sophia. They win, they always win.

Casino Time!

11:00PM – Your Restless Leg Syndrome is in full force and the only remedy?…The Disco!

11:15PM – Shots


11:30PM – Dance


12:00AM – Shots

12:30AM – Dance

1:00AM – Shots


1:30AM – Dance

2:00AM – You look at your watch, “Oh crap! I have to get up in a few hours and do this again.” Panic mode sets in and you leave the disco and head to the 24 hour food place that’s on the ship to help absorb all those shots you just took, so you’ll be ready for tomorrow…well technically today!

3:00AM – You eat and feel good, you think, “Hell, I could use a night cap!” So you search for another bar, unfortunately all are closed…damn!

3:15AM – Hit the hay.

8:30AM – Repeat!

Obviously not all days go like this, but you get the gist!




By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!