Templeton Rye Spotting!

If there is one whiskey that is always tough to find it is Templeton Rye. I remember, when I lived in Iowa, searching liquor store after liquor store trying to find a bottle of this liquid gold. I had some friends surprise me with a bottle they stumbled upon when they came to visit us after we moved to SD. There is even a Twitter hashtag that people use to let other fans know where to find it #TRspotting. That’s how hard this stuff is to find, even in the state it’s produced in, Iowa.

With it being so hard to find I didn’t really expect to see it up in SD, but after years of waiting it is finally being carried at Kessler’s in Aberdeen!

                      #TRspotting at Kessler’s in Aberdeen, SD

I also spotted it in Vegas a few weeks ago, so it looks like their distribution is expanding, which is a good thing for all whiskey lovers.  This is one of those whiskeys that you want to enjoy neat or with a large rock as it is too damn good to use a mixer on.

There is a great story behind this whiskey as they started producing it during the Prohibition in the small town of Templeton, IA. Here is a link to the full history of it.  Also, the whiskey is still based on the original Prohibition era recipe, which makes you feel more like an outlaw when you’re drinking it…or it does to me anyway!

If you ever spot it in your area I definitely recommend you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

What will you be drinking for Happy Hour tonight?  I know what I’ll be drinking.




By Trey
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