What States Drink the Most Beer?

This morning I watched a video on Yahoo! listing the 2012 Beer Institute findings on the states that drank the most & least amount of beer per capita in 2012. To save you the time from having to watch the video, which starts with a 30 second ad (that you can skip) I thought I would write up a little summary.


They attribute the oil boom in North Dakota, which has employed a lot of young males, to the fact that they are #1 on the list. They also attribute the beer culture in some of these states and the fact that craft breweries are on the rise. I can understand that for the other 3 in the top 5, still doesn’t explain my state of South Dakota though. I guess South Dakotans just like to drink beer…boom!

Utah is pretty easy to explain due to the Mormon population. For the northeast they attribute it to the market being driven by alcohol most likely. We have noticed this at our tailgates. Midwest people like beer, people from the Northeast like their cocktails!

Do you prefer beer or cocktails?

Here is a link to the Yahoo! video if you would like to watch.



By Trey
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