Arctic Chill Ice Ball Maker – Review

Go into any trendy cocktail bar, whether it be in Vegas, LA, or even Kansas City, and the one thing you can count on chilling certain cocktails is an ice ball. Gone are the days of throwing boring old cubes in your whiskey and having to drink it before it gets watered down.

With this growing trend and my love for a good whiskey, I decided to get an ice ball maker and put it to the test. The ice ball maker I ended up getting was the Arctic Chill brand and it came in a set of four silicone spheres. Each sphere is separated into two half spheres (top & bottom), simply put the two pieces together, fill the sphere with water through the hole on the top, and place into your freezer.

Wait until it freezes and boom…you have a 2.5 inch ice ball that is sure to impress even the most uppity cocktail drinkers!

For my test I decided to place one ice ball into a glass and add 2 oz of 103 proof bourbon to the glass. I did the same thing with a glass of regular ice cubes as well.

To say that they ice ball outlasted the cubes, would be an understatement. The cubes lasted, just shy of an hour, coming in at a whopping 58 minutes. The ice ball lasted for 2 hours & 12 minutes!

I also tested the ice ball against the large 2.5″ cocktail cube. The large cube was finally able to put up a fight, but still lasted around 20 minutes less than the ice ball.

Now I’m not going to say this was a complete science experiment as there are other factors I could have checked, such as how fast the bourbon was chilled. Obviously ice is only going to chill the drink down so far, well technically the ice isn’t really chilling your drink at all, but is absorbing the heat from your drink, which in turn causes the ice to melt. So a case could be made that a bunch of smaller cubes would “chill” the drink faster as there would be more surface area to work with, but it would also water down your drink a lot

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faster as a result. Maybe I’ll save this for a future experiment/blog, but for the sake of this blog I was simply concentrating on how fast each would melt.

So if you’re looking to get a less watered down whiskey, and upgrade the look of your next cocktail party, then this ice ball maker is definitely the way to go.



By Trey
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