Team Cocktail – Jost Van Dyke

Want to know one of the best ways to start a cruise? Have the first day of your cruise start with a day on Jost Van Dyke! It is simply one of the most beautiful & fun places in the Caribbean.

If you cruise out Puerto Rico to the Southern Caribbean chances are good that your cruise ship is going to make a stop at St. Thomas. It is one of the most popular ports in all of the Caribbean. With the popularity, comes the hassle of finding a beach or bar that isn’t packed with fellow cruise ship passengers. So we have found our way around this problem. Charter a boat to Jost Van Dyke!

Don’t let the idea of chartering a boat scare you. There are lots of great companies in the Virgin Islands that do this and while it may be a little costly, it is worth EVERY penny! To make it even easier just cruise with us and we’ll be hooking you up with a great Jost Van Dyke excursion. Oh and you won’t have to do

any work! (more on that later.)

So let’s get down to the gritty about what makes Jost so awesome! Here are our top 5 reasons.

  1. There are just over 200 people that live on the island and there are no major commercial resorts. Just fabulous locally owned beach bars and bungalows.
  2. It has one of the most beautiful bays in all of the Caribbean…White Bay.
  3. This is where our favorite island cocktail was created…The Painkiller!
  4. The sand is so white and the water is so clear…amazing!
  5. Beach bar after beach bar…makes a great beach bar crawl location!

These are just a few the MANY reasons we love Jost Van Dyke. Don’t believe us…well this is the place Kenny Chesney sings about in Somewhere in the Sun. And if he thinks its awesome it must be, right? I mean why would Kenny lie? And more importantly why would we lie?

So let’s talk about #5. We’re Team Cocktail so it’s no surprise that we love a good beach bar crawl. There is no place we love doing a bar crawl more than on Jost Van Dyke. (Except of course for the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl which we’re sponsoring on September 22, 2012) Sorry had to throw the plug in there because we’d love for you all to come party with us and all our other rum soaked sponsors!

If you only have a day Jost, as we often do, these are our must visit drinks & bars.

One Love Bar & Grill
One Love is on the west end of White Bay and is owned by Seddy, a well known local. Make sure you try his famous Bushwacherz…they are delicious! Oh and Seddy has some mad magic skills. Make sure you ask him to do some magic…his tricks will blow your mind. Even if you’ve only had a couple of drinks you will be amazed. If you’ve had numerous bushwackerz…you may fall out of your chair. This could be due to his amazing magic, or the amount of rum you’ve just consumed. Either way it will be fun!

Gertrudes Beach Bar
We love Gertrude! Every year we make our base camp at Gertrude’s for the day. She’s an awesome woman and the best part is…she has a mix your own drink policy! This beach bar is nothing fancy, but that’s just how we like it. You can find t-shirts hanging from the ceiling, many from Team Cocktail. So bring a t-shirt to sign (or just sign one of ours) and then head up to the bar, tell her what you want and she’ll put the ingredients out for you to mix yourself. make that drink as strong, Team Cocktail recommended, or as weak as you’d like, not Team Cocktail recommended!

Soggy Dollar Bar
The Soggy Dollar Bar is one of the most iconic bars in the Caribbean and for good reason. They claim to be the originators of the Painkiller which just so happens to be our favorite island drink. As mentioned in #3 above. This beach bar got its name from the customers who would swim ashore from their boats to pay for their drinks with soggy dollars. Whether you have dry or soggy dollars this is one beach bar not to miss on you Jost Van Dyke Bar Crawl.

Foxy’s Bar
If you’ve been to Jost chances are good you’ve been to Foxy’s and if you haven’t, well this is a must visit bar. On their website it says “Foxy has been serving food & strong rum drinks to sailors and visitors since 1966, becoming the best known bar in the Caribbean Islands.” How can we argue with that?! While Foxy’s isn’t on White Bay with the other 3 bars we mentioned it is worth the short cab ride, or the long walk if you’re feeling adventurous.

If you’re lucky, you may just catch Foxy signing a few tunes while you sip on a Sly Fox or Dread Fox made with his own Foxy’s Firewater Rum. Yep, Kenny signs about that too. It’s a great place to end the day as we hear this is the place to party in to the night.

Alright, our little Jost Van Dyke Bar Crawl is complete. You can now take your rum soaked selves back to the ship!

Cheers to our favorite island, favorite beach, favorite island drink, favorite everything Caribbean…Jost Van Dyke!


By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!