2Steel Girls Kickstarter Campaign

Our friends 2Steel Girls were finalists on the hit show The Voice, Team Blake Shelton on season 3! They released an independent song on The Today Show thanks to a ton of fan support and they need even more now!

2Steel Girls are now a part of Kickstarter, which means that they need to raise $22,000 in 30 days in order to create their next album. As of right now they have raised $9,341 and they only have until the 21st!

Team Cocktail is extremely excited to be a part of their campaign and so we’ve created a coupon code for anyone who makes a donation! If you donate to their Kickstarter campaign you’ll receive 25% off your purchase at www.teamcocktail.com. PLUS we’ll donate the 25% that you saved back to their campaign!!

2Steel Girls_Kickstarter Ad-low res

To pledge to their Kickstarter campaign and to learn more about it click on the link below:


They are an amazing duo and you can check out their first album here:


Thanks for your support!


By Carmen
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