Hair of the Dog

With Independence Day falling on a Friday, odds are you drank a little too much last night. Well if you woke up this morning the only way to cure a hangover is to either a) wait it out or b) hop back on that horse and do a little hair of the dog!  As July 5th falls on a Saturday we are assuming a lot of you are going to go with option B.  To help get you through this morning here are 5 of our favorite “Hair of the Dog” drinks.

1) Bloody Mary/Caesar
The Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar is considered “Old Faithful” when it comes to Hair of the Dog. With the option to use extra hot sauce you can mask the vodka and get over that hangover in no time!

2) Screwdriver
Tell everyone they better put on their tool belts because you’re about to get hammered! Behind the Bloody Mary/Caesar this is probably the 2nd most popular hair of the dog drink out there. All you need is vodka, orange juice, and a little freedom to get this July 5th going! The Vitamin C is also a bonus!

3) Red Beer
If vodka isn’t your thing you can always opt for a red beer in lieu of a Bloody Mary/Caesar. Just beer, tomato/clamato juice, and some spices and you are off to the races on this fine Saturday. Depending on what you drank last night, these are typically going to be easy on the stomach, but you’ll need a few more to get you over the proverbial “hump.”

4) Mimosa
The Mimosa has long been the “go-to” drink at brunches everywhere. This morning you can act classy with the champagne, but still get over that hangover in no time. Always remember the Mimosa is based around champagne and not the orange juice, so that means a lot of champagne and a dash of orange juice!

5) Irish Coffee
Now if you’re all USA’d out and want to celebrate a little Ireland today, just grab some Jameson and add it to your coffee. Throw a little whip cream in there and it’ll sneak up on you in no time!

I hope these are able to get you through the morning and keep you rolling all day! Let us know what your favorite “Hair of the Dog” drink is. And remember “You can’t drink all day, unless you start in the morning!”

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By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!