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Well, it’s been an amazing summer interning with Team Cocktail and I’m so not ready to leave! The intention of this post is to recap my experiences as an intern this summer, and I’m not even sure where to start. From the country concerts, traveling to events, social media fun, to days spent in the office I’m going to miss every part of it.

I guess I’ll start with my first event with Team Cocktail, CMA Fest in Nashville. I know right, so fun. I had no idea what I was in for. I thought this 22 year old was ready for long days and nights, but I now understand the phrase “work hard, play hard.” We set up every morning around 8, sometimes earlier. But setting up and getting ready for the day are some of my favorite memories. For CMA Fest I got to meet and spend time with Team Cocktail’s family and friends who came to help with the event. And let me tell you, these people rock. They never let us start the day without breakfast or coffee and throughout the day we were brought snacks and beverages. They made me feel like a part of the team/family from day 1! My first night in Nashville was not my finest hour, however. I learned my lesson early, don’t try and keep up with Team Cocktail haha. The next morning, let’s just say everyone knew the score was Nashville-1 Me-0. And I don’t think I  ever beat the score throughout the week. The week of CMA Fest is filled with events, parties, and concerts. There was live music everywhere you went which was awesome! I was lucky enough to make it to 3/4 nights of the big concerts at LP Field. Through the rain, drinks, and sore feet we made sure we were there! The last night we even ended up walking through a pretty sketchy  part of town and brown bagging it halfway to the concert! I have the best memories from that week, and it was an incredible way to kick off my internship.

So CMA Fest sounds like it’d be hard to beat, but there was more fun to be had throughout the next couple months. We partnered with Q104 at Country Stampede in Manhattan, Kansas which was a blast. Picture a huge campground, filled with country music lovers, and alcohol. Lots of alcohol. We were in charge of the party tent and these people came to party! We had giveaways throughout the weekend which included some pit passes, meet and greets, and Team Cocktail swag. We had fun coming up with how to win. Sometimes it was as easy as yelling “I like to party!” and sometimes they had to compete in a drinking game of our choice. We had a lot of groups that kept coming back and partying with us everyday and I think they fell in love with Team Cocktail just as I had. One day I also got to go on stage with Lyndsey and slingshot some Team Cocktail gear out to the audience.  I was so nervous but it was thrilling! We had fun at the concerts too and had the privilege to meet some of the artists or watch from the pit.

My last out of town event with Team Cocktail was RAGBRAI up in Iowa. Lyndsey rode on the Black Betty Team and Brandy and I drove the truck/trailer to each meeting point. We had so much fun bonding with the team along to route. We went on a party barge in Okoboji, threw a party in Greaettinger and explored other small towns along the way. For those of you who have never been to Iowa, it was beautiful! We got turned around a couple times and weren’t exactly sure where we were going the first day but the scenery was worth it.

Some of the smaller events I had the privilege to participate in included the Q104 charity golf tournament, Craig Campbell’s celebrity corn hole challenge, Team Cocktail’s backyard games for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, and Bark in the Park. Each one was an amazing experience and so much fun! I met new people which I hold numerous inside jokes and memories with now while still representing and working for Team Cocktail.

I know I’ve already convinced you that I had the best internship ever but I’ve got more! I’ll never forget the memories I have from the Team Cocktail office either recovering from an event, or even just a normal day at work. I got to spend my days with two inventive and creative women who I consider close friends and as a bonus some adorable dogs. I can’t even put into words what Team Cocktail means to me, and did I mention my “last day” was pretty much a tour of Kansas City breweries, bars, and restaurants? It was the most bittersweet day because I had so much fun reminiscing on the summer but that also meant it was coming to an end. Team Cocktail is the best company to work for and the best company to keep. They took care of me and helped me grow in my Graduate school career. I learned so much about business, marketing, social media, networking, customer service, and I gained some great friends in the process. I can also say without a doubt in my mind I will still be comin around the Team Cocktail office and helping out with any event that I can! They won’t be getting rid of me that easy, because I am their “Forever Intern” 😉

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this the best internship experience ever!

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By Carmen
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