5 Cocktails For Your Tailgate

The smell of the grill, the sound of homerish optimism, and the taste of beer…these are all things that mark the start of the most wonderful time of the year…tailgate season! Last weekend the college football season kicked off and gave us a great appetizer for what we have in store for the rest of the year. This weekend marks the first weekend where not only our Saturday, but our Sunday will be filled with football as well.

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While almost everyone tailgates a little bit differently there is one common theme at every tailgate…alcohol! Now the type of cocktails at a tailgate can be dependent on what time of day the game is taking place, but we can all agree that “pre-gaming” is one of the most sacred traditions in football. Below is a list of 5 drinks/cocktails that you are sure to be sipping on this weekend.


The Bloody Mary/Caesar
With football games starting as early as 12pm EDT/9am PDT the Bloody Mary has found it’s home in the tailgate repertoire of cocktails. Nothing is better than getting to the tailgate early, setting up your tent, and filling your table with a “make your own” Bloody Mary bar. To get the most out of your Bloody Mary bar be sure to stock with the following basics:

Vodka (duh)
Tomato Juice
Clamato Juice (for the Bloody Caesar)
Celery Salt

Now if you want to make it a real fancy Bloody Mary bar you can stock with the following upgrades:

Pickle Spears
Lemon & Limes
Beef Jerky
Rum – for the Bloody Brutus

You will always have a few in your tailgate crew that will not drink Bloody Mary’s. They either dislike tomato juice or maybe drank to many of them one morning and just can’t stomach it anymore, either way these people will be easy to please with a screwdriver. Besides beer it is probably the simplest tailgate cocktail that one can have on hand. Orange Juice, vodka, ice, and bam you have yourself a screwdriver.


Peppermint Schnapps & Coffee
This is the perfect drink for the early morning, freezing cold tailgates that take place in November & December and depending on where you live October. Keeping warm, while getting your buzz on is a glorious thing and if you want something a little stronger you can opt for an Irish Coffee.

Now in itself beer isn’t a so called “cocktail,” but it is definitely the staple that holds all tailgates together. Without beer at your tailgate it can get real messy, real fast, especially if everyone is drinking vodka for 4+ hours. Beer is the perfect beverage to transition you from morning drinking to day drinking. Switching to beer will also ensure that you’ll be able to tailgate after the game as well!

I’m pretty sure you read this one and rolled your eyes, but everyone knows a person that whips up a batch of Jell-O-Shots the night before and brings them to the tailgate. When you’re approached with a Jell-O-Shot I only have one tip for you, take it, you don’t want to look weak by refusing a simple Jell-O-Shot. Plus it might be the closest thing to “food” that you’ll have all day!

Also, never turn down a shotski!

Well those are 5 basic “cocktails” that you’re bound to drink or see people drinking this weekend. What’s your favorite drink on game day?



By Trey
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