Ozark Trail vs YETI Tumbler

Over the last month or so I have seen a number of people testing the YETI tumblers with other brands to see if they really are “worth” the price tag. The ones I’ve seen are typically against RTIC, which while being half the price of a YETI, is still $19.99 for the 30 oz tumbler. So for our “experiment” I wanted to find the cheapest YETI “competitor,” which I was able to find at Wal-Mart for the price of $9.97 (Ozark Trail). Also, rather than just reading about other people’s results, I wanted to see the results for myself.

Most of these ice challenges start with packing each tumbler full of ice, but there are a couple of issues with this…1) How do you know if you are putting in the exact same volume of ice in each as you can’t account for different ice cube sizes as well as the variation in space between each cube and 2) Honestly, I’m not that patient to wait for 30 oz of ice to melt, plus these need to be put back to work for important things….like keeping my whiskey and coke cold!

So to counteract these 2 issues I decided that I would use my whiskey ice balls to ensure that each tumbler would start with the same volume of ice. Each ball creates a chunk of ice out of exactly 4 ounces of water, which is perfect as 4 ounces of water is going to melt a lot faster than filling each up with 30 oz of ice.

I put the ice balls in at 6:30pm, covered with their respective lids, and decided to check on them 12 hours later. Here’s a few photos of what the ice balls looked like in each as well as how much of the ice had melted.12 Hour Overhead_2

12 Hour Pour_2

As you can see after 12 hours it looks like the YETI has a very, very slim lead as I was able to dump out around 1 7/8 oz of water as opposed to 1 3/4 oz of water from the YETI. I was a little shocked that after 12 hours the $10 Ozark Trail tumbler was hanging with the $40 YETI.

I decided to give each another 6 hours of melting time. Here is what each had after 18 hours.

18 Hour Overhead

18 Hour Pour

As you can see there was a little more melting in the YETI this time, which helped the Ozark Trail turn this thing into a virtual tie at the 18 hour mark!

20 Hour Pour

After another 2 hours I decided to check and both the Ozark Trail and the YETI had virtually the exact same ice left in each. I would like to say things got scientific from here, but honestly shit went down hill real fast. After taking the above picture I was rearranging them to do the final pour and with a phone in one hand and my clumsy ass trying to slide one over I ended up knocking it over…sad day. But hey, I’m not Bill Nye so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.

Even with the little screw up at the end I decided that it was close enough to call it a virtual tie and after factoring the cost I decided that the winner is…


At the $9.97 mark you can buy one Ozark Trail 30 oz tumbler, a bag of ice, and a bottle of Crown for the price of one YETI!


By Trey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!