5 Underrated Drinking Games To Liven Up Your Holidays

  Beer Pong, Kings, Thumper, Flip Cup, Baseball, Never Have I Ever – we’ve all played these classic drinking games time and time again, often with them leading to nights full of fun shenanigans. But let’s be honest, don’t you sometimes want to spice it up a little? If so, you’re in luck. Team Cocktail has blended a new concoction of underrated drinking games for your pre-gaming pleasure. Check out our list below, pour your favorite cocktail and get to gaming! Let us know which one is your favorite!


1. Cheers Governor 

This fun one, also sometimes called 21, involves nothing more than three or more of your favorite drinking buddies, alcohol and a good memory. The first player begins by saying “1”, this continues around the circle with each player saying the next chronological number, “2”, “3”, and so forth. Once the count reaches 21, everyone says “Cheers Governor” and the player who stated “21” is now the governor and gets to make a rule for a specific number. For example, make an animal noise on 5, player X drinks on 12, or the numbers 14 and 7 are now switched, etc. Play then starts again by starting at 1. Every time the group makes it to 21, a new rule is put in place, while still maintaining all previous rules. Every time someone forgets a rule or messes up, the group goes back to 1 and that player must drink. The game ends when there is a rule set in place for every number and then successfully makes it through to 21, or the group is too drunk to continue on. Cheers Governor! (Keep in mind that “Cheers Governor” must be said in a British accent or it doesn’t count!) 


2.Most Likely 

For this game to work, each person in the group should know each other fairly well. Players sit in a circle and one player starts by posing a “Most Likely” question. For example, “Who is most likely to kiss a total stranger?” Players then immediately point at the person they think would be the most likely to do the posed act. If you have the most fingers pointed at you, you must drink, and you also get to ask the next question. This is a fun and easy game that doesn’t require any extra materials besides alcohol and good sense of humor. It’s bound to make you laugh and catch a buzz with your closest friends.



3.Straight Face 

This game requires paper, pens, a hat for drawing and a drink. Players start by secretly writing funny/inappropriate phrases or sentences on slips of paper. Phrases that would be difficult to say out loud with a straight face. The slips are all then placed in a hat or bowl in the middle of the table. Players take turns drawing a slip of paper and reciting what’s written to the group. If the player reading or anyone listening smiles or laughs at the statement, that player must drink. Get creative and come up with the most ridiculously inappropriate phrases you can think of, making it impossible for your buddies not to crack a smile. 


4.Drink While You Think 

This is another fun game that doesn’t require outside materials. Players sit in a circle around a table and the first player begins by naming a famous person. For example, they say Ashton Kutcher. The next player has to then immediately name a famous person whose first name begins with the same letter as the previous celebrity’s last name. For example, the following player could say Kate Hudson. If someone comes up with a celebrity whose first and last name begins with the same letter, play is reversed. For example, Marilyn Monroe. If a player cannot immediately think of a celebrity to name, they must drink until they can think of a name. If a name is repeated, that player must chug their drink. You better know your celebs if you’re gonna play this game! 



This is a fun one that can be played with a group of close friends or group of strangers, as well. It is best with four or more players. Make sure you are surrounded by those who are not easily offended or not afraid to be honest! Play begins by one player whispering a question into another player’s ear. For example, who is the best looking person in this room? That player must answer the question aloud. If anyone not involved in the question/answer process wants to know what the question was, that player must drink. The player must then admit the question to the rest of the group if it is requested. Curiosity killed the cat – this one can get interesting if the right questions are asked!

Drink Up


We are excited for you to try out our favorite underrated drinking games! Hope this list helps you easily shake up your pre-game routine and put an end to the same ole pre-party gathering. It’s a new day and age, let’s put the old school games on the back burner and try something new together! Happy drinking!


Team Cocktail

By Kacey Biddy
We Take Fun Very Seriously!