10 Resolutions To Improve Your Drinking in 2017

It’s the new year and with that comes the outpouring of new years resolutions. You could go the traditional route and vow to eat healthier, go to the gym more or save money. Or you could make things a little more fun and choose one of our Team Cocktail approved resolutions. Why pick a resolution you’re only going to keep for a couple weeks, when you could pick one that’s guaranteed to make 2017 a little more fun? Check out our top 10 below!


  1. Try a new wine every month

Instead of pouring a glass of your favorite go to vino at the end of the day, commit to trying one new bottle every month. They don’t have to be fancy, and there are lots of awesome monthly wine club subscription services out there to help meet all your wino needs!



  1. Drink local (breweries, vineyards, etc.)

Research some local breweries or vineyards in your area and get to exploring! Did someone say day drinking?

  1. Learn how to master one fancy cocktail

Not everyone has the gift of being able to construct the perfect cocktail. But make it a goal in the New Year to learn the recipe of one and perfect it. Enjoy all the “mess ups” you have along the way, and then impress your friends once you master your new skill.



  1. Implement a new “go-to” drink

We all have our usual. But why not surprise everyone and try switching things up this New Year? Perhaps you may not be able to stick it out and will have to revert back to your old ways, or you just might find a new cocktail that you never knew you were missing! Best of luck to you!

  1. Go to a beer festival (or two or three!)

If a day of trying all sorts of yummy new beers doesn’t sound like a good time, we don’t know what does.

  1. Improve your home bar or bar cart

A good home bar is a must! Stock up on the essentials and create an aesthetically pleasing display that will not only allow you to make a great cocktail at home, but give you a conversation piece, as well!



  1. Drink more champagne…cause you’re fancy.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.



  1. Become a connoisseur of your favorite spirit (then impress all your friends)

If you love whiskey, then learn about it. Visit a distillery, see how it’s made, learn the different varieties…and become the King or Queen of whiskey.

  1. Try a drinking game you’ve never played before (see previous blog post)

I don’t think we’ve ever made it through a game of “Cheers Governor” without someone peeing their pants a little bit.

  1. Take a vacation simply because you want to try a new liquor, beer, wine, etc.

You could always go big and head to Dublin to tour the Guinness Storehouse and Jameson Distillery, head to Tuscany to sample some of the world’s finest wines. Or, keep it simple, and travel to a new place to check out a local brewery.



Let us know which resolution you’re going to try this new year. Try one, or them all!



Team Cocktail

By Kacey Biddy
We Take Fun Very Seriously!