The Nashville Nook: Parthenon Edition

THE PARTHENON w/ Biddy & Boots 

Welcome to our first Nashville Nook blog post!!

I’m Biddy –

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And I’m Boots –

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We are going to take you around our beautiful city of Nashville to show you the must sees and the hidden gems!

For our first edition, we decided to start with a structure unique to our city – the Parthenon.



The Parthenon stands tall in scenic Centennial Park surrounded by beautiful nature, and sits just west of downtown. The statue of Athena (the Greek Goddess of Wisdom) when you first enter the building, and the Parthenon itself, are exact replicas of the originals in Athens, Greece.

Athena’s statue is the centerpiece inside because the real temple was dedicated to her and was located on the most sacred place in Greece.


They chose to build the Parthenon in Nashville due to the city’s nickname, “the Athens of the South.” We saw that as a fitting choice as well!

It was built here in 1897 during the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, which celebrated 100 years of Tennessee statehood.

Major Eugene Castner Lewis was the director of the Exposition, Colonel William C. Smith was the architect and George J. Zolnay was the sculptor.

The architecture is amazing and detailed to perfection.






You will be in awe of the size of the structure when you’re there!





When it was first constructed, the Parthenon was made out of plaster, wood and brick, and was not meant to be permanent. However, the price of demolishing was pricey and it had become a popular destination with residents and visitors alike, so it was decided the Parthenon was here to stay.  Over the next 20 years, weather unfortunately took its’ toll on the landmark, and it was rebuilt on the same foundations, using concrete, with the entire project being completed by 1931.




The Parthenon also serves as Nashville’s art museum – but we don’t want to give away that experience so you’ll just have to go visit it on your own!

We had an awesome afternoon exploring one of Nashville’s treasures and hope you get to enjoy the next time you come to town!



Biddy & Boots of TEAM COCKTAIL


The Parthenon
2500 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203

By Carli Kahl
We Take Fun Very Seriously!