Top 5 Reasons to use a Travel Agent

It’s your favorite Tropical Travel Agent Becah here. I can’t wait to start sharing some of my favorite tips, tricks, locations and resorts with you guys! Here at Team Cocktail, our roots started on a Cruise ship in the Caribbean so travel is a passion of ours. In addition to the annual Team Cocktail Cruise (see details for the 2018 Cruise here), I also help book people’s dream vacations as a Caribbean, Mexico & Hawaiian specialist.

Ok, so I get asked LOTS of questions about being a travel agent. Things like, “Aren’t those going out of business since people just book online?” to “How much do you charge?” to “Is that a real job or do you just get to travel around?” Hey, I love that people are curious and I love my job so I try to share as much as possible. There are some HUGE advantages to using a travel agent, especially nowadays, that people don’t even realize. Let’s dig deeper into the 5 reasons I think you should use a travel agent and try to bust some myths at the same time.

1 – Travel Agent’s services are usually free!

That’s right, I said FREE. I do NOT charge any fees when someone books a resort or hotel through my agency. How can I do that? The resorts build in commission, it’s actually always there wether you book through the hotel/resort directly, book through an OTA (Online Travel Agency, such as Orbitz, Expedia, etc.. ) or book through an agent. If you book directly through the resort/hotel they just keep that piece of the pie. When you book through a travel agent like me, you are directly supporting their small business and their family. Either way it’s that same cost to you.

2 – Travel Agent’s can match or beat any price you can find online!

So because Travel Agents are on the same playing field when it comes to commissions being pre-built into the pricing, we can match any price you can find online. Usually it doesn’t happen but if it does, I can submit a price match with a screen shot! I also have access to Bulk air pricing which are rates lower than what is published on the airline’s websites that can be booked in a package along with the resort for some increased savings. In EVERY scenario, you are getting the best pricing and the service that goes along with that.

3 – Travel Agent’s get their clients PERKS

When you use a travel agent (like me) that specializes in a certain area, they build relationships with the staff at the resorts in those locations. That way if my clients need something (baby gear in their room, room on the ground floor, celebrating an event like an anniversary), I can reach out to my contact and get them taken care of. Those requests go a lot further since I’m working with them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I also get things like free up-grade certificates, spa packages and romantic dinners on the beach to offer my clients from some resorts because they want to take care of our mutual clients!

4 – Travel Agent’s are experts

Have you been on tripadvisor lately? Reviews are all over the place and who do you know you can trust. One of the things I do is go on location to scout out resorts. I know what you’re thinking… that must be fun, and it is. But it’s also work that I take seriously. When I go on FAM trips (familiarization trips), I usually go by myself (sorry hubby, you get to stay at home with the kiddos), tour multiple resorts (sometimes 10-12 in a span of 3-4 days), take pictures, ask questions and evaluate the good & bad of each property. That way when you and I chat about your vacation, I can pair you up with a few of the best options that fit what you are looking for.   I can show you activities sheets, resort maps, make recommendations on what building or area you want your room based on what I’ve seen. Pairing people up with a resort that fits what they are looking for is a skill, so let a travel agent help you out!

5 – Travel Agent’s have YOUR BEST interest at heart

Hey sometimes trips go smoothly! Your flights are on time, there is no bad weather, your room is in the perfect location and you breeze through without an issue. That’s how we like it! But sometimes things come up, maybe the plane has a mechanical issue or you get stuck in a snow storm. Maybe your next door neighbor at the resort is REALLY loud or you have to suddenly cancel your tip. This is where a travel agent can really flex their muscles. They have tricks to find alternative flights, know the right questions to ask to get you where you need to be, and get you taken care of.

So have I convinced you yet? Same pricing, expert service, additional perks, and you get a person to be in your corner when things don’t go well. Being a travel agent is my dream job! I love being able to talk travel with people as they plan things like honeymoons, destination weddings, anniversary trips, family vacations and getaways. Join us every other Friday to hear more about the travel industry and some of my favorite spots!




Becah is a full-time Travel Agent who specializes in Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaiian vacations. She loves the beach, sunshine, anything teal, and is obsessed with young living essential oils.  She works from her home in South Dakota where she lives with her husband and 2 young daughters. You can follow Love to Travel SD on Facebook or contact her directly at .

By Becah
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