Month: March 2017

The Nashville Nook: Broadway’s Best

The Nashville Nook: Broadway’s Best Edition Greetings from Biddy & Boots! Now, when you visit Nashville you will quickly discover that lower Broadway is the heart of downtown, and the heart of the city. With hundreds of bars and honky tonks for your partying pleasure, Broadway is fun and alive any day or night of

By Carli Kahl

Our 3 Favorite (lesser known) Caribbean Beers

In honor of St Paddy’s, let’s talk about our favorite beers of the Caribbean. Most people have heard of Presidente, Carib, and Red Stripe, so we wanted to share our top 3 (lesser know) Caribbean beers! While they might not be green, well one does come in a green bottle, they are delicious and you

By Becah

The Nashville Nook: Hermitage Hotel Men’s Bathroom

Nashville’s Historic Hermitage Hotel Men’s Bathroom with Biddy & Boots!! Ladies, this might be the only place that you won’t get yelled at for asking to go inside the men’s bathroom! Just be sure to knock first!! This historic bathroom dates back to 1939 and is located in the very fancy Hermitage Hotel in downtown

By Carli Kahl
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