Our 3 Favorite (lesser known) Caribbean Beers

In honor of St Paddy’s, let’s talk about our favorite beers of the Caribbean. Most people have heard of Presidente, Carib, and Red Stripe, so we wanted to share our top 3 (lesser know) Caribbean beers! While they might not be green, well one does come in a green bottle, they are delicious and you should take full advantage of these great beers while you travel. Note: It took hours of research and hard work to come up with this list. It was a hard job but someone had to do it.

#3) Piton
Island – St Lucia

This awesome beer was named after the famous mountain peaks of St Lucia, the Pitons. These little bottles of gold (they come in 275 ml bottles) are a pilsner lager made with malt, hops, yeast & maize to give it a floral & hoppy taste. Very refreshing on those hot Caribbean days. Piton was officially launched in October of 1992. Grab a few when you are on this beautiful island that is full of rainforests along with golden sand beaches.

#2) Wadadli
Island – Antigua & Barbuda

This little green bottle of beer is a refreshing pale lager named after the original Amerdindian word for the island of Antigua. It was released in 1993 and has been a staple on these islands ever since. These islands have a large coral reef that protects the island as well as provides some amazing snorkeling & scuba diving. So grab your gear, swim around with some fish and finish off a great day with a great beer.

#1) Banks
Island – Barbados

Ok, so it was hard to choose a favorite but if we HAVE to, we would pick Banks. This Caribbean larger comes from the beautiful island of Barbados where it has been an iconic brand since 1961. Banks comes in a brown bottle which helps the beer from being tainted by the beautiful Barbados sunlight. When we think of Barbados, we think powder white sand, crystal blue water, and bucket after bucket of Banks beer. It’s smooth, it’s cold and it gets the job done.

What’s your favorite Caribbean beer?!? Share with a comment below!



By Becah
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