The Nashville Nook: The Love Circle Edition

The Love Circle

For this Nashville Nook, we have decided to share one of our city’s hidden gems. While there are many gorgeous views of our city, this one is a secret spot not many know about. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place called Love Circle in Nashville’s Love Circle Park. Many locals refer to it as Music City’s lovers lane because of its quiet and remote location in West End with an amazing and unique view of downtown Nashville.


The view of the city from on top of the hill is breathtaking! These pictures don’t do it justice. You have to see it in person!

This hill sits 744 feet above sea level and it was once the highest point of the old City of Nashville. In 1926, the city obtained 8.33 acres of land, mostly from John W. Love, and they created the Love Circle Reservoir.

This reservoir has a very calming atmosphere. You can find couples relaxing on the side of the hill, people laying in the grass sunbathing or doing schoolwork, and others enjoying the park with their dogs.

It’s almost as if it was made for everyone!

So grab a lover, a friend, or your pup and go experience this special place that overlooks Music City for yourself!

It’s worth visiting at night too, to see the whole city lit up!




By Carli Kahl
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