Featured Awesome: The Brunch Collection

Brunch (n): The socially acceptable excuse for day drinking.

Who isn’t obsessed with brunch these days? And you know what they say…brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast. And nobody wants that! That’s where the TC brunch collection comes in! Spice up your wardrobe with any of our fun, new designs and you’re sure to be the queen of the brunch table.

What’s the most important piece of a proper brunch, you ask? The mimosa, of course! Look chic in our adorable “Mimosa Me Crazy” tank.

This drapey tank in aqua ice is the perfect slouchy fit for any brunch extravaganza!

Bottomless mimosas = bottomless champagne = you can’t be held responsible for your actions after brunch! Therefore, we always BLAME THE CHAMPAGNE. That sneaky rascal.

Our flowy muscle tank in white marble is a fan favorite, and this color scheme pairs perfectly with everything!

A key factor to your brunch success is following the timeline of the 3 C’s. What are the 3 C’s, you ask? That’s easy…COFFEE.CHAMPAGNE.COCKTAILS.

Our flowy muscle tank in marble black also pairs well with just about anything. And if you forget which step you are on, just look down!

To finish off our collection, we have one of our new best sellers, the “Mixed Drinks” tank. Feelings are so overrated these days — so when it’s just too difficult to say how you feel…wear it!

Our drapey tank in white has been flying off the shelves, so grab yours while it’s hot!

You can’t go wrong with any brunch collection tank so if you can’t choose a favorite, you might as well get all four!

Be sure to tag @teamcocktail in any of your brunch photos and use #teamcocktail – we love to share fan photos!

Grab our brunch collection tanks below:

Mimosa Me Crazy Ladies Tank

Blame the Champagne Tank

Coffee Champagne Cocktails Tank

Mixed Drinks Ladies Tank


By Kacey Biddy
We Take Fun Very Seriously!